New Cuestars 2024/25 Calendar Announced…

New Cuestars 2024/25 Calendar Announced…

A NEW SEASON of the amateur snooker tour in the South, Cuestars, will begin again in September as the tour takes a three month break from competitive snooker for the rest of the summer.

The first of the competitions will begin on the 8th September in Salisbury with the Under 21 Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

There will be three events in September with the Newbury over 40 at the Crucible Club and the Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, Championship Tour.

Cuestars winners were all listed on the Cuestars website and reported in the last week…

The website reported: “FIRST of all, next season’s aspiring rankings winners will be delighted to know that cash prizes have been maintained.

The Championship Tour winner will receive £600, Seniors Tour £300, Masters Tour £150, Under-21 Gold £300, Silver £200 and Bronze £100.


Championship Tour: Billy Castle (Reading)
Seniors Tour (40+): Paul Davis (Wareham)
Masters Tour (55+): John Hunter (Andover)
Under-21 Gold rankings: Evan Plummer (Coulsdon)
Under-21 Gold Championship: Oliver Sykes (Chandlers Ford)
Under-21 Silver rankings: William Hurley (Rayleigh)
Under-21 Silver Championship: Caden Read (Chandlers Ford)
Under-21 Bronze rankings: Jack Squires (Gosport)
Under-21 Bronze Championship: Archie Greier (Jersey)
Joe Perry Under-21 Super Series: Oliver Sykes (Chandlers Ford)

Cuestars is a grassroots organisation and SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor has been delighted to report on events there and also as a player in the Cuestars Over 40’s event which is OPEN TO ALL ABILITIES.

JOHN HUNTER said this of ALL of the achievements of the Cuestars winners that there was no stand out winner or best memory when asked by this writer/journalist. 

But he said this…

“I don’t have a best memory as there were many notable achievements.

He added: “Marcus Dayao’s nerveless clearance (SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor reported that it was a John Higgins like clearance)  to win a 900 match on TV was a great watch!. Very proud of William Thomson’s U14 and O’Shay Scott U16 and U18 for reaching national finals. Ellise Scott’s winning the Women’s U21 British Open was amazing given she is only 13 years old! And seeing Connor Benzey do so well at Q School was great as he’s had a tough time since moving out of the junior ranks.

Hunter then said he was sure that the Cuestars system would produce a professional player soon like Billy Castle et al!

The organisation, founded by Hunter, is a great way for all players of all abilities and ages to participate in friendly but competitive snooker and to also find the up and coming talent of the future in all age groups of the game.

A variety of players come from different clubs, NOT just big clubs such as those listed on the Calendar, but in small social clubs across the South. If you’re a member of a small social club and would like to compete then message Cuestars.

We’ve interviewed JOHN HUNTER in the past, but if you’re interested in joining the Cuestars, which also offers a CUESTARS ACADEMY APP with a plethora of routines and exercises to help improve your snooker, then simply head over to the Cuestars website and get downloading the app to try out some of the routines which is designed for players of all levels.


The three month break period is the perfect time for EVERYONE to hit the table and check out the app and pick out some core routines for practice.

Cuestars playing talents have also achieved other notable achievements during what was a successful season for the snooker playing group – and here are those as listed on the Cuestars website.


Oliver Sykes (Chandler’s Ford) English Junior Tour Snooker Champion and World Snooker Federation Under-18 semi-finalist.
Connor Benzey (Eastleigh) A seeded position on World Snooker’s 2024/2025 Q Tour.
Ronnie Sullivan (Chipstead) Snooker Legends Junior 900 Champion.
Dharminder Singh-Lilly (Fareham) reached the Snooker Legends 900 Finals Night.
William Thomson (Chandlers Ford) English Under-16 Billiards Champion  x3 and English U14 Snooker finalist.
O’Shay Scott (Eastleigh) English U16 and U18 Snooker finalist.
Ellise Scott (Eastleigh) British Women’s Open Under-21 Snooker Champion.

Notably, for SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor, it’s great to see a few of the younger players who have grown on the Cuestars over the years develop into promising talents who could potentially go far in the game. The idea for Cuestars should be rolled out across the UK – in some form.

For all the rest, there is one quote that a performance coach quoted from a Ken Blanchard and that is…


Every match is FEEDBACK, regardless of the outcome. #Keepgoing.

Congratulations to ALL who competed in the Cuestars last season and good luck to EVERYONE competing in it from September.

PS: Chris Gaynor is no longer a member of Woking Snooker Centre for a plethora of reasons and is now a member of the Oxshott Club, a small social club that has two match tables and an Oxshott League which plays from September/October time with an A, B, C, teams and, potentially more.

Recently purchased a letter on Ebay from the 1955 Oxshott District and Billiards Snooker League, and the letter was about someone making a 1000 points scorecard in Billiards and the scorecard being requested from the League. We may try and find out who that was.

Let’s say this…

“Finding” a big snooker club in Surrey is not easy as there are not that many of them. Woking, Frames, and a couple of others are a handful of “big clubs” in Surrey and if you want to play snooker within your vicinity – then you have to end up playing in small social clubs – if snooker in the UK is to survive, then there needs to be a model of more bigger snooker clubs than just a handful in a wide area.”

We contacted the Epsom League players’ Club Secretary, and they said that the Oxshott League and the Epsom League as well as the Byfleet League were all of good standards to play in for all.

We’ve been playing there for the past two months roughly, enjoying playing a variety of different players of all abilities and winning frames and matches. Saturday sees a Round Robin – depending on how many get there but an enjoyable and fun experience for all.

Enjoy some of the summer…

As Barry Stark, coach to World Champion Kyren Wilson said, “good luck with that practice.”

Brian Cox, a Star Coach of the Surrey Snooker Academy in Cobham, where we’ve had coaching, whom we’ve interviewed many times in the past on this site,  said this once: “The basics will always win…”


Chris Gaynor

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