New coming up on SnookerZone in 2020…

New coming up on SnookerZone in 2020…

Fresh from the Christmas break and going into the New Year, it’s going to be an exciting 2020 for SnookerZone. 

We’re going to briefly let you know what’s coming up in early 2020, review wise.

Before Christmas, we managed to get hold of a special training aid from Nic Barrow on loan to review for the site.

The Cue Action Trainer will be SnookerZone’s first big review of 2020. 

This device is so much more than just a cueing aid. We’ve had it for a week now and have been practicing with it on the kitchen side, but there is a lot more for us to report over the next five to six weeks that we have access to it very kindly from Nic.

More than just a cueing aid: Nic Barrow’s Cue Action Trainer

We’ll be charting our cueing progress with the CAT and also recording two videos with it illustrating the power of this training aid.

Already, even just by practicing on the kitchen table we’ve noticed 7 advantages and benefits of the CAT in action.

The CAT has 7 useful benefits to work on your game at home or away…

7 Initial Benefits of using the Cue Action Trainer

They are:

  1. The CAT gives you a proper feeling of a straight action rather than just a “look” of a straight action. When it comes to your eyes, they can be very deceptive about what looks straight, as well as what feels straight.
  2. This training device allows you to get down on the line of aim better and teaches you the importance of getting the cue down first onto the line and NOT your body first! Remember, CUE FIRST, THEN BODY. The CAT helps to shape your body around the cue.
  3. The CAT forces you to commit to a line of aim and then it’s simply a case of cueing practice to ensure that you deliver the cue straight along that line selected by the CAT.
  4. One of the technical advantages of the CAT since practicing for the first week with it away from a snooker table is it allows you to feel how loose or tight you are holding the grip on the cue. Because the CAT legs are so sensitive, any tight grip will mean the cue pulls offline when using the CAT for practice!
  5. In one of the videos that come with the product, Nic Barrow talks about “stopping and checking” for instant feedback. This allows you to observe what is happening with the cue and allows you to correct errors. When SnookerZone was practicing with the CAT during the Christmas week on the kitchen side, we noticed our cueing had a tendency to arch to the left, meaning we’d be imparting left-hand side on the cue ball. The CAT has so far ensured we are more to what seems to be the right. CENTER.
  6. The CAT also helps you discover your ideal stance position. By getting down and moving your body around, you can discover what stance is best for you, and the most comfortable. It will also ensure you’re not crowding the cue with your chest and hips. Testing is key here!
  7. The CAT helps to focus your mind on your technique on these aspects! 100% concentration and focus are needed when you’re using this device! It really is a workout in every aspect.

So, the big question, will it help you pot more balls? Well, that’s a question that SnookerZone will come back to in around six weeks’ time. We’ll let you know the final verdict.

Nic demoing the benefits of the CAT

Over the weeks, we’ll be giving mini-updates on progress! So stay tuned.

We played a match with a snooker friend over the weekend, and, the results of just a week were positive in terms of a much smoother awareness of what we were doing with our cue and our technique.

INITIAL TIP When using the CAT.

When you’ve finished using the CAT in a session, try to implement what you’ve learned straight away on the table. Test, test, and test some more when it comes to your mechanics. The CAT will help you understand your mechanical set-up much faster. Remember, the cue is first, your body is second.

All that remains to be said for now is we hope you all have a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you on the other side in 2020!

Many thanks. 

From Chris Gaynor at SnookerZone. 

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