New! ADR147 Calf-Skin Snooker Tip: Review

Professionally Presented: ADR147 Snooker Cue Tips: Tip files and kraft knife

SnookerZone got to try out an Andrew Ramsay calf-skin snooker tip at the weekend.

The tip is white in appearance, and is very similar to a Regency Professional Cue tip by Mike Henson, although his ones are greyish in appearance.

White Calf-Skin tip

The big question was, did it perform as well as the Mike Henson tips. Answer, yes, although, SnookerZone still prefers the Regency tip.

We fitted one onto an old cue with a brass ferrule, and another one of the same tips onto a titanium ferrule to see if there was a difference!

Firstly, on the brass ferrule, the tip had an odd sound. We weren’t so enthused by this as the Regencies make a pleasant sound on both brass and titnaium ferrules. (See a review of the Century Ti Ferrule, click here…)

However, when SnookerZone fitted the tip to a titanium ferrule, there was a totally different feeling and play to the tip. As mentioned in a previous tip review, a snooker player falls in love with a certain style of tip and you just get a good feeling and play with a certain brand!

However, we think that Titanium ferrules give tips a much better feeling – for whatever reason that maybe! It’s probably down to the toughness and durability of the metal!

For performance wise, the ADR147 calf-skin plays well. It didn’t take much effort in shaping and it looks great on when it’s all shaped!

Screw backs and top offered by the grip of the tip were top notch. Ramsay also included in the tip review some extras, including a branded kraft knife and some branded tip files adding a very professional touch to your tip maintance.

There are not many tip sellers who add extras in with tips, but with Regency, you get a useful FREE tip trimmer style pencil sharpener included.

And ADR over delivered on what is a very solid brand of tip.

Another thing that impressed SnookerZone was the branding, packaging and presentation of the tip. Similar to Century, style and image goes a long way with a product, as long as the product is quality and they are not hiding the poor quality behind fancy branding!

ADR tips are quality AND style.

These tips seemed to sound and play better on a titanium ferrule. SnookerZone personally found the tip much better on the Century Pro Ti Ferrule. Much easier to sit it on there when glueing it on!

We’ve reviewed quite a few tips now here at SnookerZone, but we’ll give the order of our favourite tips to date here:

  1. Regency Professional Cue tips (the Greys and the Layered black)
  2. Century Professional Cue tips
  3. ADR147 Calf-Skin White Professional cue tips (we’ll be reviewing the layered pig-skin ones soon)
  • For maintenance and ease of applying the ADR tip, we give it four stars. 
  • For playability, four stars
  • And for presentation and packaging, five stars!

Try out an ADR147 Calf-Skin tip yourself and see and feel the quality!