New 2024 Review – Pro Spin Cue Tips…

New 2024 Review – Pro Spin Cue Tips…


You would think by the name Pro Spin Cue tips, that these snooker cue tips would be the type of tip to cost you a hefty sum, for there are a few tips on the market that can be quite pricey.

These are within the region of £12 for a pack of three tips, and even the packaging appears classy.

The Yorkshire Project website are selling them for roughly £11. They can stream live events from all over Europe. You can also get them on Ebay.

They are medium grade and there are many tips that say they are medium, but appear on playing to feel much harder than a medium. And some can feel much softer than a medium.

When I trimmed the tip – it was a lot more difficult to trim than others. For example, the best tip that was easy to trim was the Regency Pro Tips by Mike Henson.

These Pro Spin Cue Tips remind me of the Meilin tips or the Andrew Ramsay Calf Skin cue tips.

Now to the playing…

After a weekend playing, they played in quite well. They felt much softer than a medium, but I felt that I struck the ball quite well with them.

They were easy to shape as well and they have kept their shape well after two days of play.

Snooker cue tips and choosing one is a personal preference.

Here at SnookerZone, I like to try and review as many snooker tips as I can and on a scale of 1  – 10, I’d rate these as an 8 out of 10.

For presentation, they are top-notch.

Fitting the tip was OK, but trimming down was a bit harder than other tips reviewed on this website.

Shaping was great and they shaped well, and after a burnish after playing they came up looking great again – here’s hoping they last a bit from playing!

These snooker tips are a great addition to the market at an affordable price.




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