New 2023 Interview: Zoe Jarrett of Martock Snooker Club

New 2023 Interview: Zoe Jarrett of Martock Snooker Club

CEO of Martock Snooker Club Zoe Jarrett believes there is not enough funding going into grassroots snooker and things need to change.

Jarrett, 48, has played on the World Women’s Snooker Tour and believes more can be done to help the younger generations get a foot on the ladder and progress and develop into good snooker players.

As the CEO of the Somerset based club, she is well placed first hand to know how busy being a snooker club owner can be.

She told SnookerZone that she rises at 6AM to start her daily routine which consists of brush, blocking and ironing the tables, hoovering, shopping for food for league matches, looking at accounts, sanitise snooker balls and make sure kitchen and bar area are clean and repeat this at the end of the day.

Jarrett began owning her own club in 2008, and played snooker for the Yeovil District League.

She began playing on the WWS Tour in 2018 and for the older women on the tour, the playing chances are great – but for the younger women, she said: “It is very poor for prize money.

She added: “There is not much incentive for them to go professional or be able to go professional.”

She said more needs to be done to welcome women/girls into snooker clubs from the powers at be with more discounted and free training to help talent emerge from the shadows.

Part of improving the image of snooker and the profile of the women’s game would be this, Jarrett went on to say.

”Get some proper sponsors for WWS, so that the winning pot is better value. This will help ladies to become more professional. “

Adding: “So they have more time to practice.”

Jarrett is a big fan of the younger generation of female snooker players and cites Emma Parker, the talented 24-year-old who is circling the exhibition circuit currently as one to watch out for for the future.

“She is a lovely lady off the table, and, of course, Reanne and Becca (Rebecca Kenna).

Martock Snooker Club is a family club which holds all kinds of events from christenings, to parties, to snooker shootouts.

Jarrett said: “We are the home venue of Somerset County Snooker and have had teams from all over the country play here.”

She added: “We make members feel at home and enjoyable evenings.”

Outside of a busy schedule, Jarrett likes to paint acrylics and watercolours, but it is very hard.

She adds: “I can play the Alto-Saxophone quite badly, as I love jazz, and soul music. She also enjoys taking photographs of nature, sunrise, and sunset.”

We thank Zoe for her time with SnookerZone and wish the club well for the future.









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