New 2023 Interview: Stephanie Daughtery…

New 2023 Interview: Stephanie Daughtery…

“Who knows, I could have been a rock star by now?…”

Stephanie Daughtery switched from a dream career in drumming to cueing up at a billiard table on the World Women’s Snooker Tour.

The 22-year-old Warehouse Operative from Wakefield, known as Sloth, first got into snooker via a lovely woman called Marlene Greenwood who worked at her local snooker club and encouraged her every step of the way.

Daughtery competed in her first tournament in 2014 in Derby.

“I was nervous at first, but everyone on the tour was so welcoming and lovely to me.”

“I think it’s going OK to be fair,  I can see potential in a lot of players. I think there could be more focus on the youngsters as they are the future of the tour. It has improved over the recent months, which is good!”

Her expectations for the sport include keeping to better her game as much as possible and rising up the rankings.

“My big goal is to get the World title, but that’s not for a while yet. I’ll get there though. It’s everyone’s dream.”

Daughtery believes there should be more LIVE STREAMING of World Women Snooker events which would create more publicity for the Women’s game.

She adds: “Kids like Tik-Tok, so maybe a Women’s Snooker Tik-Tok with chats with the girls showing the fun side of the tour as well as the serious.

“Emma Parker is pretty much my sister,” she said in terms of whom she gets on well with on the tour.

Daughtery also believes Coaching and Newbie days would be another good way to get younger people into clubs, like the one Woking Snooker Centre held back in March where top female players Jasmine Bolsover and Emma Parker attended with the help of WPBSA Coach Kai Michael.

She says of her favourite food, that she likes the dirty Donner kebab and claims it’s the sexiest food in the world.

“I played the drums but had to give it up due to focus on my snooker plus my band practice was the same day as the Academy, so it clashed a lot, so who knows, I could have been a rock star by now haha.”

Daughtery is sponsored by Guy Batley Plumbing and Heating and Dave Ellis at Intergrated. 

SnookerZone thanks Stephanie for her time and wishes her luck for the coming seasons on the WWS Tour.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Daughtery.



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