New 2023 Interview…It’s Time to Open Up Over Mental Health

New 2023 Interview…It’s Time to Open Up Over Mental Health

SNOOKERZONE tries to bring you interviews when we can with some of the younger talent coming through in the various snooker organisations, such as Cuestars, EPSB tournaments, and others. 

We caught up with 19-year-old Mickey Joyce, who is another Cuestars talent who has won no less than 9 Cuestars events.

Last year, Joyce came to Woking Snooker Centre in the Under-21 Cuestars category and won the Under-21 Gold event there – as well as four other Golds in other snooker clubs.

As Cuestars Under-21 returns to Woking later this month on the 19th Feb, SnookerZone had a brief chat with Mickey Joyce who says he should be there to try to defend it.

Joyce, who practices at the Academy Basingstoke, has admitted something that is very prevalent in society today, and that is the topic of mental health.

He said: “Over the years, I’ve really struggled with my mental health. I’m currently a lot better due to amazing support from family and friends.”

Adding: “I speak to this guy called Noel Porridge Flannery a little, he helps me with the mental side of things on and off the table.”

If you’re struggling with your mental health, whatever age or situation, there are people out there who can help you if you feel you can’t speak to friends or family, then there is help.

For some, snooker can be an escape from the problems of reality and a welcome retreat.

Mickey Joyce first got into snooker at the age of 6, and, a year later, at 7, Joyce had already discovered the art of how to win matches and tournaments in Basingstoke.

He made his first century at 11, and then a highest practice break of 147 and match break 145.

Joyce believes the amateur game is developing well, and Cuestars is particularly beneficial for the youngsters eager to develop into better players.

He said: “I think the amateur game is in great shape at the minute, tournaments near enough every week, and the standard is so high.”

Joyce is in good hands as he practices with former professional Billy Castle, who is a regular tour player across the country.

One thing that Joyce believes should change in the amateur game in snooker clubs, is that every club should have at least one professional table.

We thank Mickey for his time and wish him well for the rest of the season and his snooker career! (photo courtesy of Mickey Joyce)

It’s time to talk today about mental health…#itstimetotalk

Everywhere across the country – in homes, offices, and schools, people are urged to make space in their day to talk about mental health.

At MIND, they are urging people today to make space with a cuppa and catch up with a friend or work colleague or family member and empowering communication over mental health.

Don’t suffer in silence. 

According to a poll of 5000 people, 36% of adults fail to make space in their day to talk about the tabboo of the subject.

78% of those polled as part of Time to Talk Day today, say the cost of living crisis is impacting their mental health.

33-year-old James Downs, a Yoga Teacher from Cambridge, said this:

“The lack of obvious spaces and people to talk to about mental health has left me feeling even more on my own. The loneliness and isolation have played a huge role in keeping me unwell. So often, it’s only when things reach a critical point and I know that I have to talk to someone about my mental health that I do. I think turning this around and having conversations in everyday settings can help prevent things reaching crisis in the first place and direct people to additional help and support if they need it.”

You can find out more support from MIND, here




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