New 2022 Review: Mental Toughness, Can You Learn it?

New 2022 Review: Mental Toughness, Can You Learn it?

SNOOKERZONE spends a lot of time finding stuff that not only will be helpful to him, but also will be helpful to you.

Recently, we downloaded a book on Kindle for under £3, called the Mental Toughness Handbook.

We’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to some self-help books because they promise a lot and deliver so little.

And many of them just focus on theory rather than practice. You end up with a head full of knowledge, but not any idea how to put it into practice.

This one is DIFFERENT!

This book is low on theory and high on practice!

It is literally a series of chapters of practical exercises you have to complete – with the aid of a journal.

Sort out your head first and improve your mental toughness…

SnookerZone is a firm believer that much of people’s downfalls are down to their lack of belief in their own capabilities.

Fears, doubts, anxieties, social expectancies, and other factors affect how a person views themselves.

For example, you may actually not fear failure, you may actually fear success. you may fear success because you feel you don’t deserve it – regardless of how hard you’ve worked on whatever it is you’ve worked on.

You may fear what others think of you and this also affects your performance in your life.

In fact, a Mental Training and Life Coach Matt Andrews, whom SnookerZone has interviewed before, said this when it comes to doubts: “That’s what many people don’t understand. I’ve loved working with people who have been classed as “never will be’s” by others. We just keep proving them wrong.”

An Exercise on Taming Your Inner Critic – 

Our brains have what is called in the book, an “inner critic”. This VOICE is constantly in the background shouting NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and telling us that “we can’t do this,”, we’ll never win that,” or, indeed, you’ll never be a success!

This “inner critic” of ours isn’t always PREVALENT, but our negative thoughts may creep in at any point when we’re doing something, and doing it well, and say, STOP! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!

In the book, the author will take you through PRACTICAL EXERCISES that you can do in quiet in your own home and analyze the kind of thoughts that are CREEPING into your everyday scenarios. Whether that be in the sport you’re playing, the job you’re doing, or, even your love life.

With the aid of a journal, you can get your thoughts down and for every negative thought that comes in, you can juxtapose it with a response.

For example, ‘I’ll never win X…Why? Give that statement a LEGITIMATE reason why not! Think of the process of how to get to the goal you want to achieve and NOT think about the outcome.

These exercises can be done for just  10 – 15 mins each day. 


SnookerZone recommends reading PRACTICAL books on mental toughness like this book and doing exercises like the “inner critic” that will be much more beneficial to you than reading about the theory.

So far, SnookerZone has completed a few of the exercises in the book. Some take no time at all, and you can sit down with a CUPPA and your journal and just jot your thoughts down in a quiet place and reflect on your inner mind.

This book is also a great compliment to the MIND TRAINING APP THE CHAMPIONS MIND, which has also practical exercises on how to meditate, how to visualize the future of the best you, and, also, how to use positive self-talk to affirm yourself as a CHAMPION YOU.

You don’t actually have to lift a trophy or earn lots of money to consider yourself a CHAMPION.

The glory is in learning the process to become whatever you want to get out of your life.

Get someone you love who is struggling with their mental game this gift this Christmas and see how they flourish into 2023 with a new PMA. Positive Mental Attitude.

SnookerZone is a firm believer in the #growthmindset model…

Buy it on Kindle or Paperback version on Amazon below…



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