Mink Nutcharut to Become World No 1 – a First…

Mink Nutcharut to Become World No 1 – a First…

THAILAND’S female snooker star Mink Nutcharut has begun 2023 in storming fashion.

The 23-year-old World ranking event winner with Neil Robertson last year has unofficially topped the World Women’s Snooker rankings as the new World No 1 and toppled Reanne Evans’s place at the top of the elite in the Women’s game.

Last year was a tremendous year for the Thai player who not only won the World Mixed Doubles with Neil Robertson but also claimed the World Women’s Championship, a two-year tour card as well as other bonuses including a place in the Champion of Champions tournament.

She becomes the 12th player in Women’s snooker history to hold the top spot, and the first since Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee in 2018.

She trained early on at Hi-End Snooker Club in Thailand and moved to the Victoria Academy in Sheffield, the home of snooker, training with some of the best players in the game.

On Facebook, Hi-End Snooker wrote: “After the Mink defeated Jade Cullen in the quarter-finals (3-0) of the 2023 Asia Pacific Women’s Championship in Sydney, Australia, unofficially topped the World Women’s Rankings overtaking Reanne Evans.

They added: “It’s a great oriented success of Hi-End who was behind the scenes to build her up to this day. Over five years since the previous work, nicknamed The real Magic Mink – is complete – the real thing!”

The news comes as she sets out to defend her World title from last year in…wait for it…the Hi-End Snooker Club in Thailand, city of Bangkok.

Mink Nutcharut will inspire a string of other talented female players lurking around the top 20 of the elite in Women’s snooker as they stride to follow in Magic Mink’s footsteps and continually progress through the rankings into the top ten and beyond.

These include the likes of Tessa Davidson, Mary-Talbot Deegan, Emma Parker, Diana Schuler, Jasmine Bolsover, and others lower down.

Congratulations to Mink Nutcharut from SnookerZone

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