Mink Nutcharut Claims Her Snooker American Dream in 2023…

Mink Nutcharut Claims Her Snooker American Dream in 2023…

THAILAND’S STAR snooker woman Mink Nutcharut has scooped the WineCellar’s US Open, now in its second season in Seattle.

The 23-year-old, winner of a professional event in the Mixed Doubles, defeated Hong Kong female superstar Ng On Yee 4 – 2 and practices regularly in Thailand at Hi End as well as in England at the professional-based hub in Sheffield at the Victoria Snooker Academy, run by Victoria Shi.

There were 16 players who managed to make it over to the US to the luxury club of Ox Billiards, also a sponsor, along with Littman Lights.

Only Rebecca Kenna and Jamie Hunter made the journey from England, as well as Diana Schuler from Germany.

Ng On Yee claimed a fantastic 121 break during the proceedings, with Mink Nutcharut hot on her tail with a 107.

There were 13 breaks over 50, the majority claimed by the two stars of Asia in Nutcharut and On Yee.

The matches were LIVE STREAMED for viewers outside to watch.

Nutcharut is, of course, known for her maximum break made at the Hi End Club in Thailand.

According to Wikipedia, she is known as “Mink,” stating that “in Thailand we call each and everyone by their nickname because our traditional Thai names are too long and we don’t have any Christian name like Western people. So we use nicknames instead. She began playing by age 10.

Mink’s 147 at Hi End has gained 2.2 million views.

See Bolsover’s, which has gained over 1000.

One other player has also made a maximum in club and that is Jasmine Bolsover at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey.


Germany’s Diana Schuler won the Challenge Cup, who defeated America’s Kathleen Stanley, who at the incredible age of 71 is competing in the game.

There was positive representation from the US field.

Owner Michael Anthony Dominguez has been praised by many around the Globe for his contribution to growing snooker in the US and opening the now esteemed club in Seattle at Ox Billiards.

Canada’s Mary McConnell made a return to the sport after a 28-year period and was a regular on the much smaller circuit from the 80s – 90s. She noticeably was runner-up to Mandy Fisher in the 1984 National Express Women’s Grand Prix.

Stanley made an incredible run to the Senior’s final but was defeated by 43-year-old Ip Wan In Jaique.

SEE SNOOKERZONE’S interview with Mandy Fisher, here…

August 20th sees the new Winchester Women’s Series get underway. Keep an eye on Snookerscores.net for further developments.

Photo screenshot from WWS.

Congratulations to those who made it out to the event from SnookerZone.

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