“Michael Jordan Had Weaknesses”…

“Michael Jordan Had Weaknesses”…

Do you want to win more? Dr. G. discusses why taking your goals and expectations into a BIG game can set you up for choking.

We’ve contacted Dr Alan Goldberg for an interview at some point – and will let you know if he reports back.

One of the interesting things about his website is the fact that snooker or pool (cuesports) is not referred to in his list of sports he’s worked in.

In one of Dr G’s many FREE articles, he writes this about NERVES in sport: ”

Runaway pre-game nervousness can come from a lot of different sources: how good your opponents are; how big and aggressive they are; how important a competition is; how big the crowd is (and who in it is watching you); whether you’ll play well today and win; how “excited” your coach may get; how much playing time you’ll get; the court, field or arena you’re playing in — the list goes on and on.

While there are many things about your competitions that can potentially make you nervous, the true cause of your performance-disrupting nervousness isn’t any of the things that I’ve just mentioned above. The real cause of your out-of-control nerves is you! That’s right! YOU make YOURSELF nervous!

What I’m saying here is very important — It’s not what’s happening around or outside of you that makes you nervous. It’s what’s happening INSIDE that is the real cause of stress!”


Dr. Alan Goldberg, internationally known peak performance consultant and director of Competitive Advantage specializes in helping athletes across all sports at every level, bust slumps and overcome performance fears and blocks. Dr. G’s website has FREE of resources including mental toughness questionnaires for athletes, coaches, articles on every aspect of coaching and parenting in youth sports, as well as a mental toughness blog.

In this interview from a while ago, Star Basketball player Michael Jordan said people thought that because he was Michael Jordan, he didn’t have weaknesses in his game. He rightly commented that “Michael Jordan had weaknesses” but he worked hard to overcome them.

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