Mears Currently Rules the Byfleet Billiards League 2023…

Mears Currently Rules the Byfleet Billiards League 2023…

ALDERSHOT HOTSHOT Ryan Mears added to his vast collection of titles another Billiards title this week and bagged a double.

The 34-year-old, who can play ambidextrously, has been riding up a storm in the billiards league and is a force to be reckoned with in both snooker and billiards. 

He defeated Woking Snooker Centre’s top amateur player James Cullen, both of whom play in the Premier Division of Snooker in the Byfleet League.

According to the report on the Byfleet League Facebook page, it was a comfortable victory for Mears, who is a snooker jet setter and plays in almost anything you can think of.

Mears’s best run was what was described as a textbook run of 120, with Mears running to the top of the table and staying there in that position. The score ended in a 400 – 110 to Mears.

Kelvin Jones, the Chairman of the Byfleet League, which has been going since the 1940s, wrote on Facebook: “It was a superb exhibition of billiards. He combines brilliant potting with an excellent all-around game.”

He added; He seems to be getting better and better. James did little wrong and was gracious as ever and said that his opponent was just too good.”

Mears bagged the double of the Billiards Championship and the Billiards Handicap.

Mears told SnookerZone: “ The way it started I felt I was on for an early bath.”

He added:” But once I had switched off from what’s been going on off the table,  I just felt my strength came flooding back, and it was due to those chats with friends that really helped.”

Previous stories in the Woking News and Mail have described Mears as one to watch out for.


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