Marcos Dayao Dazzles in First Night of 900…

Marcos Dayao Dazzles in First Night of 900…

Amateur snooker’s fast and furious 900 season 2 kicked off on Monday with a bang as Marcos Dayao displayed an incredible John Higgins style clearance in his first round match to dazzle on the first night of the 900 season 2.

Bagels were mentioned in commentary, and Florian Nuessle had been well and truly bagled…

Players waxed lyrical about the new set up in Reading at The Crucible Club, as the first evening one of three saw a magical moment from 23-year-old talent Marcos Dayao come from 51 behind and dish up aJohn Higgins style 54 clearance break to steal the frame from talented Austrian Florian Nuessle to progress under the pressure of a live audience and the shot clock and go into the semi-finals.

The evening kicked off to a nervy start as Norwich’s Barry Pinches, who said he had just bought into a club in the city,  won the first match of season 2 and Josh Thomond defeated the Legend Tony Knowles.

Finland’s Robin Hull came through a nail- biter against World Senior regular Ireland’s Michael Judge.

Barry Pinches told Rachel Casey after his match: “Great professional set-up. I’m impressed.”

After his magical moment Dayao said he was very nervous but after having played a match on TV and in qualifiers first time around, he now has the experience to relax and enjoy the moments.

Dayao potted a fantastic long green during the one frame in the last 8 which he said he had been practicing those shots in practice.

But it was Norwich’s very own Barry Pinches who eventually stole the limelight with an incredibly steely century in the final against Finland’s Robin Hull as that concluded an exciting and entertaining first night of the second season of the 900.

in Tuesday’s line-up, Cuestars star Bradley Cowdroy enters the fray alongside Spanish Champion Alex Melia, Neal Jones et al as Austrian star Florian Nuessle, who was unlucky to lose against Dayao, returns and tipped as favourite.

it was tipping down in Reading so they say!

Frames in the 900 last 15 minutes, with fouls offering players cue ball in hand, alongside that a ball must hit a cushion, as in The Snooker Shootout. No roll ups.

The 900 is on for 8 weeks of thrilling and exciting amateur snooker over three nights with a winner being crowned on Wednesday’s as the Grand final sees a pay check of 10,000 at the end.

Good luck to those competing over the next weeks!

You can also watch the action on SportyStuff TV YouTube channel.






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