Magic Mink Makes it Five in 2023 Belgian Delight…

Magic Mink Makes it Five in 2023 Belgian Delight…

Women’s snooker’s top stars kick off 2023 in strong fashion…

THAILAND’S top female snooker star Mink Nutcharut came through a tough field to lift the 2023 Belgian Open  – elevating her up to World number two in the World on the World Women’s Snooker Tour. 

The 23-year-old, who had a string of success in 2022, where she claimed a World Professional Ranking Event title with the top male snooker star Neil Robertson, has added the Belgian Open to go to five ranking titles on the Women’s tour.

Mink is very lucky enough to practice at the Home of Snooker at the Victoria Snooker Academy in Sheffield with a string of top male stars in the game.

With a strong field of 35 entries, including 11 from the home country, the top female snooker stars have begun the 2023 calendar in strong fashion.

Wendy Jans, Belgium’s top female star, made a great effort to reach the final of her home country’s ranking event, as she defeated newly promoted and up-and-coming professional Rebecca Kenna in the semi-final in Brugge.

For the first time in a while, the two top female stars of the tour, Reanne Evans and Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee, did not make a final, as Mink pushes on with her excellent run of form since last year elevating herself as one of the women snooker elite.

There were positives from the weekend of snooker for many players lower down in the top 20, as Mary Talbot Deegan reached the final of the Seniors, losing out to the star of the Seniors game Tessa Davidson.

Davidson, whom SnookerZone has interviewed prior, extends her run of excellent form, with seven from her past eight in the last twelve months.

Germany’s Diana Schuler, who also reached a quarter final in the main event, lost out to Tessa Davidson in the Seniors semi-final but said this after on Facebook: “I am happy to having transferred my practice progress into the tournament and having reached the semi’s of the Senior’s event.”

Schuler lost out to the World number six Emma Parker.

There was also more success for Belgian players in the form of Emilie Demeester – who lifted the Challenge Cup by defeating Nikola Broyak of Poland in the final.

Woking Snooker Star Jasmine Bolsover, 23, who has shot up the rankings currently to 18 prior to this event, since rejoining the tour last season, and elevated her position by appearing on TV in her debut in the Snooker Legends 900 last year, came through into the last 16 but came up against the tough cookie Rebecca Kenna, who appeared to be in strong form.

Bolsover continues to elevate her position as one of the top stars in the game as she continues to strive for a very top place in the women’s snooker elite.

There is no doubt that the top field in the women’s game are growing stronger and stronger and that there may well be new names gaining silverware in the next two seasons.

The important thing is for these stars to continually push to inspire future generations of females to pick up a cue in their respective clubs, and let them know that anything is possible with a bit of dedication, hard work, and, of course, luck!

Well done to EVERYONE who competed over the weekend, from SnookerZone!





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