Love ElkMasters? Then Upgrade to Elk Pro Snooker Tips Now – Review

Upgraded ElkMasters

If you love ElkMaster snooker tips and are happy to stick with Elks, then you’ll love the ElkMaster professional cue tips.

SnookerZone managed to test out a medium of these tips over the weekend of the 19/20th January 2019 and here’s our review.

Firstly, the obvious change is that these tips come in yet another well-crafted box – with three tips in them and you now have the opportunity to choose whether you have them in soft, medium or hard. We managed to try out a 10mm medium tip. Standard ElkMasters come in a box as an assortment of tips and you don’t really know which one you’re going to get when you put one on. But with the Elk Pros, you know exactly what you’re getting. The Elk pros also come in 9mm and 11mm.

Elk Pro Snooker Tips: Pros and Cons

The advantage with these is you are getting a high-quality ElkMaster in exactly the grade you want. The medium tip was easy to put on and it was a delight to play with. It was simple to knock in and we found we were getting a lot of spin on from little effort.

The disadvantage with these is cost. For three tips you’re looking at over £20 which is an expensive buy if you’re only an occasional player.


However, for more or less the same price, Century Pro Cue tips give you one tip extra for around £20 and are of the same quality as Elk pros. Click the link to see them on Amazon, below…

It might prove to be costly also if you’re a serious one as you will probably change tips more regularly as well. For SnookerZone, there is a cheaper and similar alternative in Regency Professional Cue tips as they appear very similar to the Elk pros. See our review, click here

Chalking Up

The difference between the Elk pro and the Regency pro tips is the feel. The Elks felt a lot “harder” than the Regency, but they did grip the cue ball well and chalking with Taom gold soft was simple enough as they gave a nice even coating of the new chalk. According to the spiel, Elk pros also work well with the traditional Triangle chalk as well. We did an initial test using an old piece of Triangle chalk and found that to be the case. However, SnookerZone’s chalk of choice is Taom gold soft.

These tips, like the Regency, when trimmed, don’t end up in an odd shape, as some tips SnookerZone has tried can end up in an odd shape, but the Elk Pros, the Adr calf-skin tip, and the Regencies keep their shape very well when trimmed down! You’d be surprised at how a tip can go into an odd shape when shaved!

Still feel like trying out an Elk pro? Head to Amazon, below, and click the link to get yours, starting now…

For ease of putting on an Elk pro, we give it a FIVE STARS

For play, we give it FOUR STARS