Listen…Mind Games: Performing “Under Pressure”

Listen…Mind Games: Performing “Under Pressure”

“PRESSURE” has become an overused word these days – not just in sport, but in life. 

But what if you were to see the pit of competition as not a pressure or a stress, but as a challenge that you relish? Not only just as a challenge to beat an opponent, but to improve yourself and your mindset.


That’s what some of the tips in this webinar from the Champions Mind webinar are all about. How to see the whole game as a challenge, NOT a threat.

Once you hot wire that into your mindset, you can become a truely fearless competitive animal!

Listen to the webinar, make notes, and then apply some of them in your game, both in practice and in the real thing!

Positive self-talk…

One of the useful things in the Champions Mind app, which SnookerZone has reviewed already, is positive self-talk.

One of the meditations in the app gets you to review your performance mentally through visualization and have you going over what went well, what didn’t go so well, and, to self-correct if you can. It’s a very powerful way of being able to go to the table and be able to re-visit some of your shots and CORRECT what you may have been doing wrong!

Also, the positive self-talk in some of the mindful meditations help to bolster your belief in your game and in yourself that you are a worthy competitor and will be feared by others because you have that mental game edge.

Keep repeating the POSITIVE PHRASES AND MANTRAS that are suggested to you in the app.

The review of the app is here…

Listen to the video, below…





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