Leeds and Nottingham Snooker Qualify for League Championships 2024…

Leeds and Nottingham Snooker Qualify for League Championships 2024…


TWO TEAMS have qualified for the inaugural National Snooker League Snooker Championships Grand Finals in June that were held at the weekend at the Landywood Snooker Club.

There was success for Leeds Snooker League (Absolute Dream Team) and Nottingham Snooker who managed to come out on top over what was described as two tough days of play in Walsall.

The second group of qualifiers for the Grand Finals weekend is next month – and it is tenterhooks for third-placed Byfleet League as their fate for qualifying hangs in the balance as they await the results of the next qualifiers in May.

Mark Ball, Captain of the Leeds side, said of the result at the weekend: “Great weekend. Very tough team!

He added: “We, as a team, played well, in particular, Lewis Harper who lost one frame all weekend!

“There were some tough teams and very difficult one frame matches. As it was only 1 group, we played everyone twice. But over the weekend, Nottingham proved to be the toughest.”

Ball, 47, also said there were two breaks made over 50 by Malcom Bilclough, and Richard Binns, of 54, and 52, respectively.

Chris Hart made a 45 and Mark Ball made a 43 also from Leeds.

Jamie Brown was the player he said who had made a break of 100 from the South West Midlands.

There was also achievement for one of the World Disability Snooker’s top players Dave Bolton who was one of the successful players to qualify from team Nottingham.

Twelve teams will compete in the second qualifier for the chance to earn one of eight spots for the Grand Finals in June.

A total prize fund of £3,550 will be on offer with the winning team earning £1,000.

The next qualifiers are on the 4-5th May. 

In addition to the above, free entry into the 2025 English Amateur Championship will be awarded to each member of the winning team, plus the player who makes the tournament high break and the ‘MVP’ from the qualifying stage.

In the Group A stages, according to Snookerscores.net, the team SWMBA knocked in a 100.

Well done to those who competed in the first qualifier and good luck to those who will be competing in the second qualifier next month!





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