Ladies Snooker: Big Breaks Down Under

Three times World Women’s Champion On Yee had also racked the high break of 139 at Mounties

Hong Kong’s top female cueist Ng On Yee claimed the Australian Women’s Open title in Sydney over the weekend. 

The 27-year-old, who had also claimed the UK Women’s Championship a few weeks ago also made an incredible 139 break topping Reanne Evans’s 137 to take the high break of the event.

Evans, 33, who had won the European Women’s Masters in Belgium this season not but a few weeks ago also, notched up three tons during the event, with the 137, a 110, and a 109. The Dudley cueist lost out in the semi-final to Katrina Wan as On Yee defeated Wan 4 – 2 in the final.

Another regular last four player Nutcharut Wongharuthai, also racked a ton on the list with a 115 making the total of six tons made over the event by three players Evans, On Yee and Wong.








Chris Gaynor

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