How to Achieve Faster Improvement Per Hour on the Table…

How to Achieve Faster Improvement Per Hour on the Table…

Hey there,

Do you struggle with your practice sessions sticking to a plan  – or implementing all the various factors you need to do in order to feel you’ve improved per hour on the table?

With all the little things needed to do, it can be a minefield. We know, because we’ve gone through it and it can be tough to motivate yourself in practice when there is so much to learn and to remember!


Never fear, as SnookerZone has compiled a short but useful 7 step PDF checklist that you can slip into your sack or case and take with you to practice sessions.

It’s not a groundbreaking PDF, but it will do one thing.

Keep you focused on the important things you need to do if you want to improve per hour on the table.

Follow these and you’ll be able to focus on practicing, better!

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Remember, improvement is not about quantity, but quality!

When we practice ourselves, we often do a good couple of hours focusing on doing the little things right, as well as making sure we are practicing the right things too.

We don’t get obsessed with how many breaks we’ve made. Or, how many balls we’ve missed.

We simply focus on doing the little things, right.

You’d be surprised at how it all grows into bigger results.

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If you FOLLOW these steps and practice routines and shots, such as the ones demonstrated by Cuestars in the Cuestars Academy routines on their routines app, then you will get more improvement from each hour you spend on the table.

To start off with, you have to do the little things, right, and well.

And build.

And build.

Like building a house, you start off with solid foundations and work from the bottom up, layering each time and making each facet more stable.

Once the ground foundations are laid well, you can then focus on advancing other facets.

The good solid foundations in snooker include…

  • A solid stance…
    Consistent grip…
    Keeping still on the shot and not moving before you’ve delivered the cue…
    Making sure you don’t jab the cue on delivery and deliver it smoothly and go through…
    And more besides.

It’s like a pilot entering a plane and knowing exactly where and what all the controls do…It becomes routine, on auto-pilot…

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We’d love to help you as much as we can as we develop our own game to higher levels.

With at least six years worth of coaching, reading books, watching endless snooker, and tinkering around with different things, we’re in the position to explain what works, and what doesn’t. Or what could work if done right!

Let’s grow our games together!

Yours in snooker…


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