Junior Snooker Rolls into New Camphill in Surrey in 2022…

Juniors had tons of fun and learned some snooker at the new private training facility in Camphill, West Byfleet, Surrey this week.

The facility has only been going some months since it was launched last year by top WPBSA and trained SightRight coach Brian Cox, who, along with a business partner, launched the facility as another addition to the big snooker club 10 mins down the road in Woking, Woking Snooker Centre, where Cox also coaches players.

Stars come in and make tons…

A few stars have entered its doors since its opening, as the launch night last year hosted the now Welsh Open champion Joe Perry, who praised the quality of the facility as he got to play students of Cox’s and some top amateurs.

Jimmy Whirlwind White has also paid a visit there and made a 147.

Other top amateurs have also made tons since its opening.

It appears that the future of snooker across the UK is small private training facilities where players of all ages can come for quality practice and coaching, and quiet practice sessions in preparation for amateur and professional events.

This is just one example of snooker modernizing itself in 2022 and beyond.

The two billiard tables, Burroughs and Watts were restored and rejuvenated so that snooker in the Camphill site could shine again.

A fantastic job going on there!

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Where is Camphill Club located?

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