Join the SnookerZone Email Newsletter in 2022…

The SnookerZone email newsletter, which was set up a few weeks ago, has been enjoying steady growth in sign-ups as nearly 50 subscribers are enjoying useful content of one email – daily.

One, who signed up recently, took the time to get in contact, and replied back: “Some great advice over the last couple of days much appreciated, Barry.”

The newsletter provides tips from coaches, plus insights from SnookerZone, product recommendations, news, and directions on where the best FREE stuff is, plus the odd product promotion.

We will not bombard you with sales emails – and as the mission of this site is to promote cue sports, let us do the work of searching for the best content, so we can share it with you.

So get signing up now for the newsletter…

Yours in cue sports…




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Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!