Jersey’s Aaron Canavan is the Second 900 Victor…

Jersey’s Aaron Canavan is the Second 900 Victor…

FORMER WORLD SENIORS CHAMPION Aaron Canavan came through to claim the second spot for the Grand Finals of the exciting new Snooker Legends 900 amateur event on Wednesday. 

The new event which has been going down a storm with the amateurs has been hailed by some as an experience they will never forget as Canavan follows Andrew Norman into the Grand Finals in November.

Although Emma Parker didn’t make it over the three days, the talented World Women’s Tour player managed the final on Monday against Daniel Wells – and made an impressive start to the second week with some fantastic clearances in individual frames.

And more good news for the women’s game from Cuestars…See tweet…



However, it was the 2018 World Seniors winner that qualified for November as the event goes into its third week next week.

Canavan wrote on Facebook: “Boooooooom …… Over the moon to beat a tough field this week, littered with main tour pros from last year winning two tournaments out of three with a new cue.

He added: Commiserations to Stuart Watson , not only a great player but someone I’m proud to call a friend. Thank you Billy Castle for giving me my first and definitely not the last block of Taom V10 chalk, not one kick all week and normally get about 10 a day, all team at sporty stuff TV. You were all amazing, Reanne Evans Mbe , Rachel and last but definitely not least, the shirt Lee Richardson. Only you can pull off a leopard skin shirt, son. See you all at the finals in November…… X

In all, the 900 Snooker Legends will see 25 sessions of snooker broadcast Monday to Wednesday every night at 10pm with £6,000 per week in prize money – the eight weekly winners will then contest the £10,000 to the winner Grand Final on 16 November in a one-off special.

Next week sees the likes of more variety of players entering the pit to see who can come out as winner for the Grand Finals in November.

These include…

  • Former 1986 World Champion Joe Johnson
  • Amateur from the League Matt Ford (SnookerZone has interviewed before…)
  • The London Coach Gary Filtness…
  • And more…

Former World Champions Dennis Taylor and Joe Johnson are amongst a host of marquee names that were announced for the new 900 Series that has been shown live and exclusively on Sporty Stuff Tv from September 19.

This new 15-minutes, one-frame style event promises to open a new and exciting chapter for amateur snooker players globally.

Also announced were legends Tony Knowles and Patsy Fagan as well as former ranking event winners Rory Mcleod, Michael Holt, Michael Georgiou and Tony Drago.

Current and Former World Seniors Champions Lee Walker, Nigel Bond, Darren Morgan and Aaron Canavan will also appear.

With £6,000 per week in prize money “The 900” is the biggest thing to happen on Tv for Amateur Snooker in many years.

The Snooker Legends 900 will see 25 nights of live snooker on Sporty Stuff TV broadcast Monday to Wednesday every night.

The eight weekly winners will then contest the Grand Final on November  in a one-off special.

All events will be staged in the Stephen Hendry Matchroom at the Crucible Club in Reading with a total prize fund in excess of £50,000.

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