It’s a knockout Break!…

It’s a knockout Break!…

TALENTED SNOOKER AMATEUR Mike Wright is hoping for a knockout of another kind in the middle of this year as he dons his boxing gloves in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Wright, who will be 45 next month, lost his stepdaughter Charly to a terrible illness Neuroblastoma and is raising funds in aid of the popular charity.


He plays snooker at Woking in Surrey, but lives in Andover, but journeys over to the Surrey club with his son, Jamie, 18, to play in the popular Handicap tournaments and others at Woking.

And he wrote on Facebook: “As most of you know, I lost little Charley to cancer when she was just 3 years old.

Wright said that they faced nearly two years of agony in and out of the hospital.

He added: “I have raised a few quid here and there for charities as I really want to help them raise life-saving treatment and equipment so others don’t have to succumb to this awful illness and families don’t have to lose their loved ones.”
Wright, whose occupation is an Ambulance Practitioner for NHS and Private, and is nicknamed in boxing as Mike the Riot Wright, told SnookerZone that before the fight, you must undergo 12 weeks of intensive training.
He has boxed before at other venues such as Bracknell Leisure Centre before the pandemic hit in 2020.
Magic Mike’s snooker credentials include winning the popular handicap tournament at Woking and playing in the Byfleet League Snooker Shootout last year at Woking, which was also a charity event. He also plays at other venues in Hampshire and has won tournaments at other venues.
He got into snooker as his dad was a Police Officer and had free membership to Imber Court in East Molesey, Surrey and played with his brothers.
Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body. Neuroblastoma most commonly arises in and around the adrenal glands, which have similar origins to nerve cells and sit atop the kidneys.
Tickets for the event go on sale next month from the 24th.
The venue is proposed as The Wellington Academy in Wiltshire.
The event is on the 22nd April.


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