Inspiring World Disability Snooker Returned to Woking in 2023…

Inspiring World Disability Snooker Returned to Woking in 2023…

IT was a joyous occasion from Friday and over the weekend as players from the World Disability Snooker Tour returned to Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey for the first time since 2015/16. 

With a jam-packed number of players well over the 64 entries maximum, there was the full set of disability groups 1- 8 as Friday began the tour with a coaching day held by World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Coaches Colin Matty and Steve Rutter.

The beauty of the WDBS tour is the fact that players have the opportunity to have professional and fun coaching before the tournaments get underway.

The tour promotes friendly but competitive play and SnookerZone witnessed a great deal of camaraderie and professionalism from all involved during the three days.

SnookerZone witnessed a very good standard of play, snooker-wise, with there being a growing array of talent developing on the tour – as the tour has grown a great deal since SnookerZone writer Chris Gaynor witnessed the WDBS tour at Woking back in 2015/16.

Many players commented on the rejuvenation of Woking Snooker Centre, as well as the WPBSA coach Steve Rutter, who simply told SnookerZone: “Great club.”

SnookerZone also witnessed the likes of David Church, now 27, a multiple World Disability Champion, whom we’ve interviewed prior to seeing him play live at Woking.

The WDBS provides an excellent structure for playing tournament snooker for people with a range of disabilities…

Matt Andrews, a mind coach in many sports, including pro and amateur snooker, commented on the growth of the tour on Facebook.

He said: “The WDBS events are slowly growing in strength and provide an excellent structure of tournaments for those with disabilities to compete within and I hope to see that continue in the future for all those taking part.

Matt Andrews added of players David Church and William Thomson: “David and William have been showing great consistency over the last season and both should be very proud and pleased with themselves.”

Snooker Star David Church of the WDBS tour and beyond…

There were many other talented players on the tour, including Dylan Rees, whom SnookerZone also watched a bit of.

You can view the FULL scores and results of the three days on the WDBS website.

Why get involved in snooker and the WDBS? 

The World Disability Snooker Tour provides a great outlet for players with all ranges of disabilities. Snooker is a great sport for everybody as not only is it fun to play, but it also increases your awareness of problem-solving, increases your confidence and self-value, and also is very good for your mental health. It’s great for exercising your brain.

It teaches people good etiquette in sports and in life, and as mentioned before, you can make good friends and acquaintances from being involved in the game, as there can be great camaraderie.

These advantages were all witnessed during the three days of the bumper event held at Woking and SnookerZone thoroughly recommends that if there is anyone with a potential disability, who thinks they may be eligible, check out the World Disability Snooker website for more information with the group criteria.

Get entering and get playing and most of all, enjoy it…

SnookerZone would like to congratulate everyone who competed over the three days and good luck to the further future growth of the tour!

Check out the results here…

SEE the WDBS website here and see if you’re eligible here now…







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