Inspirational Sports Films Part Two…

Inspirational Sports Films Part Two…

ANOTHER one of SnookerZone’s favourite sports films is THE DAMNED UNITED starring Michael Sheen as the Leeds United boss Brian Clough.

Brian Clough had a 40 plus day stint at Leeds and the film documents the trials and tribulations of his short reign there.

He couldn’t, of course, have done it all WITHOUT his NUMBER TWO, Peter Taylor.

Clough was the best manager England never had. (opinion)

We typed into Google, the question, who was the best manager England never had? Indeed, Brian Clough was the answer:

“Charismatic, outspoken, and often controversial, Brian Clough is widely considered to be the best manager England never had and one of the best English managers the game of football has ever seen.”

SnookerZone then asked the question, who was the best snooker player NEVER to have won a World Championship?

Jimmy White was our answer. Jimmy, at the age of 61, is still going, and a lesson to everyone in the sport that passion, energy, can keep you going regardless of age. #Keepgoing. Regardless of where you are in your sport, what you’ve done, or where you’re going to, it’s the passion and energy , and belief that count.

COMPETE with yourself EVERYDAY to be better and LET THEM THINK WHAT THEY LIKE. You are you and you are on your own journey and your own quest in life. Forget the rest. Focus on being your best.

We then asked the question, who was the greatest golfer/s NEVER to have won a MAJOR?

Whilst SnookerZone isn’t that knowledgeable on golf, our first thought was COLIN MONTGOMERIE or “Monty” as he was nicknamed.

The Golf Shake came up with a list of golfers, and “MONTY” was on the list NEVER to have won a MAJOR.

Monty was a serial winner on the European Tour with 31 titles and topped the Order of Merit on an astonishing eight occasions. He was also a monster in Ryder Cup singles, never losing one. He also won three consecutive Volvo PGA Championships. And he has won seven times on the PGA Tour Champions. But the majors were beyond him. He finished second five times, including three times at the US Open, a tournament in which he also finished third. And he was second behind Tiger Woods at The Open at St Andrews in 2005.

Here is a LINK to a scene from The Damned United.




Enjoy your snooker this Christmas with family or friends. Have fun, and remember, NO BULLYING! IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Everyone, regardless of ability has the RIGHT to play and enjoy their snooker how they see fit, especially at Christmas time.

If you encounter anything ONLINE, OR OFF, REPORT it to your snooker club, League Chairman, or the WPBSA.

Your snooker club has a duty to act on allegations or acts to DETER BULLYING from happening, whether it’s direct or indirect, targeted or not, and it’s on their consciences if they do not act. 

SnookerZone will act in the interests of the community and will report any allegations or acts he sees or hears to either the Snooker Clubs, the League chairman’s, or, the WPBSA and Jason Ferguson. You’ve been WARNED. We will keep on this campaign THROUGHOUT Christmas and New Year. #Bekind.

If you have any EVIDENCE of BULLYING, then email SNOOKERZONE, here now…

Bullies are cowards who take it out on others due to their own insecurities or targeted vile agendas.

The toxic people will ALWAYS get found out.

SEE OUR PIECE: THE SNOOKERZONE CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN and join our call to help WEED OUT the toxic bullies…

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