Incredible Drama Ends Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup in 2022…

Incredible Drama Ends Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup in 2022…

After 21 weeks of intense viewing and high drama in the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, the drama sizzled for the final night.

The last pair standing…After 21 weeks of top pool drama…

It was fitting that the final of the inaugural Pairs Cup from Ultimate Pool ended with two teams needing their dancing feet on in a six-red shootout, and, boy, did they put on a show for pool fans at Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

128 players of 64 teams were whittled down to just one as Shaun Chipperfield and his pairing Karl Sutton narrowly defeated the dynamic duo of Ronan McCarthy and his younger counterpart Declan Brennan.

They whizzed the shootout in a time of 25:97 and beat Brennan and McCarthy literally by a whisker of 25:96 – as Brennan and McCarthy missed one red on the cushion. Had they potted it, they may have well been the ones lifting the two trophies.

Shaun Chipperfield, ranked 7 in the Ultimate Pool Pro list, told Ultimate Pool after about the win.

“It means so much to me. And it was great to win it with Karl.”

He added: “We were practicing the six-red shootout and were getting times of 17/18 seconds and then 35. It was good to get somewhere in between.

The final night was played in roughly the same format with there being 20 mins a match with a shot clock, but there were two sets of matches for each game.

34-year-old Chipperfield and 33-year-old Sutton breezed through the semi-finals defeating the underdogs of Team Dog Andy Appleton and Michael Tomlinson.

Legends Phil Harrison and Michael Hill, (with 6 World titles) tipped as the favourites to win the event, couldn’t reach the heights of form in their semi against McCarthy and Brennan, 52 and 28 as they were dumped out narrowly in the second set 2 – 1 with 3 mins 83 left on the clock.

It was fitting that the final had a six-red shootout to end 21 weeks of high drama…

McCarthy said humbly: “Pool was the winner tonight.”

He added that the two lads deserved the win. And didn’t quite have his dancing feet on when they missed the red.

The Pairs Cup has been a great addition to the Ultimate Pool calendar, as it is something unique for the fans to watch, and everyone will be looking forward to the second edition of the tournament later on in the year.

Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup Final Results:


Shaun Chipperfield and Karl Sutton 3 –  Andy Appleton and Michael Tomlinson 1 

Set 2 – 4 – 1. 

Phil Harrison and Michael Hill 1 – Declan Brennan and Ronan McCarthy 1 

Set 2 – 2 – 1 McCarthy and Brennan. 


Set 1 – Shaun Chipperfield and Karl Sutton 4  – Declan Brennan and Ronan McCarthy 0. 

Set 2 – 3 – 1 Declan Brennan and Ronan McCarthy. 

Six-red shootout: 25:97,  25:96

Watch: Sutton and Chipperfield play each other before…





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