In 2024: Woking B Soar into 31 Point Lead in Byfleet League…

In 2024: Woking B Soar into 31 Point Lead in Byfleet League…

WOKING B continues to demolish the record so far for the biggest margin in the history of the Byfleet League as they continue to dominate Division 1.

The team consists of double-century record breaker Paul Bunyard, who knocked in record centuries of 139 in the Premier Division in 2011 and has a 126 and a 104 in Division 1 so far.

On the Byfleet League’s website, it read: “Sean Harvey’s 2018 break of 111 was eclipsed by Woking ‘B’s PAUL BUNYARD after he recorded a magnificent 126 in his team 6-0 win over Woking ‘C’. PAUL already holds the Prems record break of 139 from 2011. Absent until this season since Covid, the league is delighted to see PAUL back playing and demonstrating his superb skills. Many congratulations PAUL.”

It was Byfleet League Chairman Kelvin Jones who told SnookerZone previously in an EXCLUSIVE post on here that the record for the biggest gap margin in the League was 22. That has already been demolished, as Jones put it, and with still five weeks left, that MARGIN WILL continue to grow wider.

Jones said: The highest score that a team has won by in the League is 22. Jones remarked: “They will demolish that record.”

And at the moment, they are.

You can read that post here…

Meanwhile, Woking C, who graduated from Division 2 and has been in Division 1 for the last two years, recorded a 4 – 2 win over West End A on Thursday.

They are gradually moving up the table into healthy positions, but Woking B appears to be the clear winner of this season’s snooker league Division 1.


The Premier Division of the League was LIVE STREAMED ON WOKING’S LIVE STREAM and it featured Snooker Legends 900 stars Matt Ford and Ryan Mears. The scores are yet to be published on the League’s website.

In the Premier Division, Mears has a 125 and Andrew Vernon has a 108. Another 900 star Jasmine Bolsover has made an 81 for Woking D.

Woking A lost 5 – 1 to Sunninghill Comrades.

Woking D drew with Egham B.

Woking R lost 5 – 1 to West Byfleet A.


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