In 2023: UK Coaching Awards 21 Coaches for their Inspiring Contribution to Sport…

21 DYNAMIC AND INSPIRING COACHES across a range of sports were awarded for their contributions to transforming lives at the annual UK Coaching Awards in Leeds this week. 

It was on Tuesday night that these esteemed coaches of various sports, including football, basketball, and disability sports, that these people were awarded for their efforts in providing help and support to players of all different ranges and abilities.

This included Jack Davey, who was awarded for Wheelchair Basketball and Young Coach of the Year, Gabrielle Reid, boxing.

Tom Coyd, received an award for the Great Coaching moment of the Year, when he masterminded England Rugby League’s last gasp victory over France in the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup Final.

We’ve interviewed many coaches from the world of snooker and will continue to do so when we can.

2024 could see a new era and dynamic for Snooker.

Although snooker coaches aren’t on the list, there are many great coaches in the game who have inspired players of all ages and abilities on the various tours of the sport, including, the World Disability Tour, the World Women’s Snooker Tour, and the other tours, and also in the Local Leagues and clubs, big and small, in different parts of the country to keep playing the great sports of cue sports – including snooker, pool, and billiards.

If you were to nominate a Snooker Coach in your area, who would it be? And why? You can message and tell us who you would nominate for a great snooker coaching moment, and tell us why that moment is special for you. 

Reflecting on the Award Ceremony, UK Coaching CEO Mark Gannon, said: “Coaches are the unsung heroes. Pivotal in upholding the health and well-being of our nation, and it’s truly inspiring to not just acknowledge but honour their impactful contributions at this year’s UK Coaching Awards.”

Winner Coyd, 27, said: “I am genuinely blown away. The peers in my nominees are all world class coaches and I’m lost for words for once. I’m super grateful for anyone who voted. I think it shows you how many people connected with what we did in the World Cup last year.

He added: “It’s so important to celebrate coaches. I think UK Coaching do the most amazing job in being here for the coach because they are time and time again the person that is forgotten about.”

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