In 2023: Staniland Stuns in 900 Grand Finals…

In 2023: Staniland Stuns in 900 Grand Finals…

HAYDEN STANILAND has scooped the second season of snooker’s fast and furious 900 deep into Thursday.

The 22-year-old talent has come through the gruelling eight weeks of a thrilling, tiring, and entertaining period of snooker to scoop the £10,000 first prize and lift the season two trophy and Gold medal, in The Crucible Club, Reading. 

The 900, spearheaded by Jason Francis and his team, was interviewed prior to the final, and the founder of the successful Snooker Legends brand, told Rachel Casey and team that putting on the 900 was to make amateur snooker players for 15 minutes feel like they’re professionals and give players the opportunity to pick up some cash in order to help them fund what is an expensive career in travelling around playing snooker matches.

He reiterated: “For 15 minutes, they feel like a professional snooker player.”

Stanliand came through a tough field in the Grand Finals and met a recent former professional Harvey Chandler, but held himself together to lift the season two trophy.

He said after the match that it means everything as there have been good days and bad days, more bad days but the £10,000 is going to be able to help him travel to play more events, particularly abroad, so that he can have a chance of pursuing his dream on the main tour.

The 900 has been talked about all over the globe said Jason Francis, and it has sparked imaginations for a wide variety of snooker fans, but has given ‘ordinary’ players the chance to dream and dare to dream about competing against good players and gaining the experience. Staniland came through as one of 11 qualifiers.

900 Magical Moments from Season Two…

There has been some magical moments along the way to the Grand Finals, and it all started with week one and the Barry Pinches century, the Marcos Dayao John Higgins like clearance, and then that fantastic century from Hong Kong female talent Ng On Yee.

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NG ON YEE made a 108 in the recent Snooker Legends 900

Michael Holt, a professional in all but name, as many other top amateurs could be described, was tipped as the favourite on Grand Finals night.

SnookerGym coach Nic Barrow did brilliantly in the event to reach the Grand Finals!

Coach Nic Barrow rolled back the years by scooping week 7 with his Steve Davis stillness on the shot, and there was of course the junior talents that emerged in the 900 Cuestars with John Hunter showcasing the best of the juniors in the south of the country.



The Women players did brilliantly in the 900…



Not forgetting the female players who all competed and did brilliantly promoting the women’s game being led by the Ng On Yee century as the likes of Woking star and World no 14 Jasmine Bolsover, Emma Parker, World no 9, who has been fearless on the Exhibition circuit, Eden Masters ranking event winner Mary Talbot Deegan and former no 1 Maria Catalano all gave it their best shot in Reading as well as showcasing the best of the women’s game live on TV.

Mears on his TV debut…

Another player who did extremely well in the 900 was Ryan Mears, who in one week reached the semi-finals and Mears was a qualifier.

You can expect the unexpected in the 900 and Staniland was the unexpected player to come through and lift the trophy, but a deserving winner.

The Legends…

The 900 saw the return of the Legends of the game in Dennis Taylor, Joe Johnson and Tony Drago, et al and they all proved that you’re never too old to pick up a cue and have a go at this great game and that every age group can play and enjoy a game of snooker in clubs across the country and it doesn’t matter what your ambitions are within the game, everyone may play and enjoy the sport in however they see fit.

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The Shirt has been a fashionista in the 900…

And not forgetting the 900’s very own fashionista, Lee the Shirt Richardson, who has dazzled the fans with his outrageous clothing style, including the brightly patterned shirts that can be purchased in the shop Red, Woking.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the event and let’s hope season three is even grander than one and two!

Well done to Jason Francis and his team for putting on a great event in Reading. A reminder of who played in the Grand Finals

Relive it all back from week one…

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