In 2023: Should Pro Ams be Live Streamed?

In 2023: Should Pro Ams be Live Streamed?

SNOOKERZONE attended and played in the very enjoyable Christmas Cracker tournament at Woking Snooker on Wednesday 27th September which was also attended by a string of names from the snooker world, including very top amateurs from the World Women’s Snooker and World Disability and some from the Byfleet League, and Cuestars and the main tour professional Martin O’Donnell.

Some of those who played in the EVENT could be viewed as professionals in all but name. (opinion)

However, one setback of holding Pro-Am events is that if an event has a main tour professional in it, it cannot be LIVE STREAMED due to presumably player contracts. This is something that saddens SnookerZone deeply.

We understand that if a main tour professional were to reach the final of the Pro-Am event, then it may well be a case for the event NOT to be LIVE STREAMED.

However, should that main tour professional NOT reach the final, then it would be great for regular members of their said snooker club to enjoy the final – especially if they’re unable to stay at their club for the full day due to travelling or any other reasons.

We asked Jason Ferguson of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) for a comment on this, asking if the RULE needed to be looked at, and, in the spirit of Christmas and the season of goodwill to EVERYONE, it would have been nice to have watched the final of the event The Christmas Cracker on the LIVE STREAM, with or without the main tour professional Martin O’Donnell.

900 star Dharminder Lilly, who also plays in Cuestars and many other events made a century in the event.

Predictably, and snooker is NEVER predictable most of the time, Martin O’Donnell did scoop the £300 pound prize on offer at Woking Snooker Centre, and he pulled the final cracker in the final against the local Byfleet League star Paul Ganley who SnookerZone has watched play a few times.

Other stars included 900 star and World no 14 Jasmine Bolsover, 900 star Ryan Mears, 900 star who made a John Higgins like clearance in the early week of the 900 event, Marcos Dayao. SnookerZone spoke to Dayao who said he was pleased to have won a Pro Am recently.

If you read this in the future, Jason, then you’re welcome to get back to SNOOKERZONE any time to respond to the comment about LIVE STREAMING. 

Well done to EVERYONE who competed on the day, and to MARTIN O’DONNELL for coming down to the club. Many thanks to Claudia Ene the referee on the day, and to the social media and Tournament Director star Terry T.

And thanks to PETER RUDDICK and his team for an as usual, very WELCOMING SERVICE for food and drinks.

The SnookerZone Anti-Bullying Campaign Rolls on for 2024…

Remember, Christmas is a time for family and friends to ENJOY a peaceful game of snooker, REGARDLESS of standards. Whilst tournaments are great to enter, and to play in, we must realise that snooker is for EVERYONE and not just for a small elite all the time.

Finally, we’d like to ask Jason Ferguson if he’d like to put up a STATEMENT on the WPBSA website regarding SnookerZone’s Anti-Bullying Campaign which runs until the New Year. It’s a deterrent to those who may feel the need to indulge in over-the-top unacceptable behaviour to other members in snooker clubs or indeed online. Playful banter is fine, but if it descends into hurtful comments, that isn’t.

It would act as a great deterrent for those who do decide to ENGAGE in this unpleasant behaviour NOT just at Christmas, but any time of the year.

It happens. And it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you hear about or it happens to you, REPORT it to either the snooker club, the League, or the WPBSA. SnookerZone WILL act in the best interest of the community to make sure this kind of behaviour does NOT happen. 

You can email us here – now…



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