In 2023: Parker Scoops Back to Back Amateur Wins…

In 2023: Parker Scoops Back to Back Amateur Wins…

EMMA PARKER has scooped the Winchester Women’s Series Event Three in Leicester at the weekend.

The 24-year-old World Women’s no 7 defeated Tessa Davidson in the final 3 – 2 and has claimed back-to-back wins, which is bound to spark confidence going forward in her game. 

Parker, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit for the past couple of years, is expected to appear in the Snooker Legends 900 for the second time which begins week six this week with a high-profile line-up that is expected to be one of the best weeks yet on the event with the likes of Nigel Bond the 1996 British Open winner, Tony the Tornado Drago, famous for his fastest century in over three minutes, and Rory McLeod was expected to play.

Thailand’s Mink Nutcharut scooped the first two Winchester Series Events and Parker also knocked in a 50 in the third event to win the decider in the final.

A week or so, ago, the Suffolk lass won the first ever WACKO Women’s Cue Sports Event, another great stride in putting on amateur events for women and organized by Chrissy Allwood.

Parker was set to play Rory McLeod, the Ruhr Open winner in the 900 from Monday, but is now playing the 33-year-old Mario Katrani, who will make a debut in the 900.


Katrani recently competed in an English Amateur Championship qualifier in the South Section of the event.

Yes, you heard that, an O’Sullivan is competing on their debut in the 900! No, it’s NOT the Rocket, or Sean the Storm, it’s NICK O’SULLIVAN! He’s 52, and has competed in the World Seniors Tour Championship qualifier 2.


Good luck and well done to all who competed in amateur events over the weekend, including at Woking Snooker Centre in the latest leg of the Cuestars over-40s Seniors tour, sponsored by Parris Cues.

Paul Bunyard, nicknamed BUNNY, who made his debut on the Over-40s Tour in September, played in the final at Woking over the weekend.

The 44-year-old Surrey Cueist from Ash didn’t drop a frame in the knockout stage of the opening leg at Fareham Snooker Club.

Bunyard, who finished runner-up in his round-robin group, defeated Carl Davies 2-0 in the final.

The Drainfield’s-sponsored tournament attracted a 32-strong field.

In the 46 entries who played at Woking it was Bunyard versus Matt Wilson, who is also a talented cueist, which was live-streamed on the Woking Snooker Centre Facebook page.

They were shy off 50 entries according to the Cuestars staff, and just shy off 47 entries from the last time they came to Woking.

JOHN HUNTER, the founder of Cuestars, said on the day that every time they come to Woking, the conditions just get better and better for players of all abilities and talents with new cloths refitted regularly.

We asked John Hunter if there were any plans to extend Cuestars and go to the north, and whilst a lot of people have admired how the Cuestars tours have grown and developed, Hunter, whom we’ve interviewed before on this site, said that there were no intentions to extend and expand Cuestars.

Cuestars tournaments are great for people of all abilities and talents to have a go in and to improve their games, as well as meet like-minded people and snooker fans and discuss what’s going on in snooker.

Reading hosts Week Six of the Snooker Legends 900 and good luck to those who compete this week in a great experience on TV for those who made it through the qualifiers and are competing for the first time on TV.


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