In 2023: NIB, Byfleet League Update…

In 2023: NIB, Byfleet League Update…

THE BYFLEET LEAGUE season is into week 9, as SnookerZone has been covering the 900 events that happened in Reading over the last 8 weeks, or so.

Local league snooker is a key part of any snooker player’s development and anyone has the chance to play snooker in the league and can play if there are teams with spaces available at their club.

SnookerZone has covered many events at his club over the past few years.

Premier Division…

Woking Snooker Centre has three teams in the Premier Division of the League this season, and the teams are Woking A, R, and D.

They are all competing for the top spot in the PD.

Woking A consists of the 900 star Ryan Mears, who has currently the high break of 125 in the PD this season.

Woking D consists of the 900 star Jasmine Bolsover and World Women’s no 14, who has made two breaks of 41 in the PD this season.

Division 1…

Woking C graduated from Division 2 and played in Div 1 and is currently playing with another Woking team in Woking B. They have the talented Paul Bunyard who has made a century in Division 1 – a 104.

Woking C has the talented player Peter Butler, who SnookerZone first reported on for this website and also for the News and Mail and he made the high break in Division 2 a couple of seasons ago, a 63.

The team also comprises World Disability German Open finalist Dalton Lawrence.

Woking C are second and Woking B from the current table sitting in the top spot.



Well played to all the Woking teams so far! Keep going!


Up next at Woking, the Seniors Tour Event 3 has 38 entries within the line-up of another 900 star, Wayne Townsend, as well as the former World Seniors Champion Peter Lines, which will take place over two days this weekend.

Cuestars founder and also a star of the 900, John Hunter is also in the showing.

Good luck to those playing in the event over the weekend.


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