In 2023: Meet The Snooker Legends 900 Season 2 Final 8 for November 22nd…

In 2023: Meet The Snooker Legends 900 Season 2 Final 8 for November 22nd…

THE FINAL 8 of the fast and furious 900 snooker season 2 were unveiled on Wednesday.

Hayden Staniland was the last player to come through yet another tough field and book his place into the Grand Finals on November 22nd. (see the SnookerZone poster for the final 8)

He denied the favourite Patrick Wallace in the final, who was looking in fine form but so was the 22-year-old who has been playing snooker on the Tours and English Amateur tours.

Staniland joins the field of the other tough 7 players on the 22nd, including the favourite Michael Holt.

Many have supported the women’s game, including SnookerZone, and continue to do so, either through sponsorship, written coverage, and/or general support. 

Former World no 3 Neal Foulds said in summary: “There were some brilliant performances from the women players.”

Reanne Evans has been the standard bearer from the women’s game and has been the standard bearer for the women’s snooker in the 900 and has cheered on the women players who have all shone in the event and ALL gave a great account of themselves on the TV. Well done to them all.

Reanne Evans has cheered on in a commentary the women players and on social media in the 900…


The 900 has yet again been a pleasure to watch and report on for the last few weeks before the final 8 get their cues out for the final time, and there has been some terrific snooker and drama in the 15-minute frames, which include steely clearances from the likes of Marcos Dayao.

Marcos Dayao made a John Higgins like clearance in the first week of the 900 which set the tone for the standard of the event…


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The Women in the 900…

From the women, in the 900. there were some gutsy performances from female players such as Woking star and World No 15 on the World Women’s Snooker Tour Jasmine Bolsover, whom received plaudits for her cue action and great potting ability. She narrowly missed out again on semi-final places in the event.

Other great performances by other women on the World Women Snooker Tour, such as Emma Parker, the World no 7, who has been fearless on the exhibition circuit, Mary Talbot Deegan reached a semi-final and Maria Catalano proved her game was still there from the former World no 1.

In her second appearance on the 900, like Emma Parker, Jasmine Bolsover, who has made a recorded 147 in practice,  was given plaudits in commentary for her cue action and great potting ability.


NG ON YEE made a steely 108 in the recent Snooker Legends 900


The younger male players of Connor Benzey, Hayden Staniland et al have all shone in Reading in front of the TV lights and cameras, and it will brim them with confidence going into other events.

Hotshot Mears…

Ryan Mears
Ryan Mears made a terrific debut in the 900 winning a string of matches on the bounce as one of 11 qualifiers to come through a tough school in the pre-TV stages.

BYFLEET LEAGUE HOTSHOT RYAN MEARS, whom SnookerZone has interviewed prior on this website, made a terrific debut in the 900, winning a string of matches on the bounce, all starting from the qualifiers and getting to the semi-finals in one week. Mears is another player who has shown inspiration to others on the circuit in leagues and clubs, particularly Woking. Mears plays for Woking Snooker A, and Bolsover plays in Woking Snooker D in the Byfleet League.

Cuestars and John Hunter…

It was great to see the standard bearer of Cuestars John Hunter in the event giving inspiration to all.

Hunter, 57, has shown great determination in growing the Cuestars circuit and providing players of all abilities the chance to compete and improve their games in whatever way they see fit. Whether it’s playing occasionally, and practicing the Cuestars routines, or just one or two, there is something for everyone in Cuestars.

Not just John Hunter, but others such as Nic Barrow, and the older former professionals of yesteryear, who are not only giving back to the game but also show that you are never too old to give the game a go and it doesn’t matter how talented you are, it’s the taking part that counts and the enjoyment is key. The no 1 key to playing any sport is enjoyment first.

There are many others who are giving back to the game, either through their projects online, in clubs as coaches, or owning clubs and coaching in them and enabling players to grow.

We’ve interviewed some of them here on SnookerZone.

With every match or every practice, you don’t win or lose. You learn.

At 57, John Hunter, whom SnookerZone has met a few times in Woking, has proved Cuestars is a help to everyone who wants to improve their games or even just play to enjoy competitive environments.

The 900 is a Great Platform for all kinds of snooker players at their amateur levels and encourages others to keep going…

The top amateurs, some who could be called professionals in all but name have been given a run for their money in the events over the last few weeks.

The 900 is a great platform for every snooker player who wishes to see how far they can go in the game and perform under the TV lights and amateur snooker has shown that there is talent behind the scenes waiting to emerge from the shadows of their relevant snooker clubs.

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Four Brilliant Centuries So Far…

With four centuries so far in total in the events with a 101 from Hayden Staniland, a ton from Barry Pinches, a 108 from Ng On Yee, and a 109 from Michael Holt, the standard has improved from last season’s as we await the Grand Finals.

There was also a fine performance from Marcos Dayao in Week One of the event with his John Higgins like clearance which set the tone for what was going to be a thrilling and entertaining few weeks of snooker from 10PM on SKY 427 and SPORTYSTUFF TV. The final should be a cracker.

Lee the Shirt Richardson has been a breath of fresh air with his style of snooker commentary and his fashion style…


Lee the Shirt Richardson has made amateur snooker watchable each week to find out what shirt he had on and if you’re in the Woking area and like a bright-colored number then pop down to Red in Woking in Victoria Place where there is a selection of those kinds of shirts on sale. You can also try out a waistcoat and suit number.

Well done to Rachel Casey for some great presenting and broadcasting.

And it’s great that Snooker Legends is able to put on these events for players and showcase some of the players who may not get the opportunity. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you can seize it, and believe in it.

Good luck to the final 8 on November 22nd.

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