“If I’m still in the conversation, that’s good enough for me”

“If I’m still in the conversation, that’s good enough for me”

STEPHEN HENDRY admits that Ronnie O’Sullivan has overtaken him as the greatest of all time on the list of greats.

But the seven times World Champion scooped the inaugural 900 Snooker Legends Seniors event held at Epsom Racecourse in Surrey on Friday, the weekend before 2023 comes to an end.

The Seven Times World Champion Hendry back in the winner’s enclosure…

He defeated the 61-year-old Jimmy White, who has scooped four World Seniors titles and even though he has had an illustrious career spanning some 40 years, he has not always been able to turn over his rival Hendry.

In a match of 15 minutes, the Whirlwind had a couple of good chances, but in the irony of proceedings, he missed a black off the spot and let the King of The Crucible in and but a missed red, Hendry did enough to seal the frame and scoop a title.

Hendry said after that in his hey day he would have not missed those kind of shots, but it was White who admitted prior to the final that he had been ‘stoned for 20 years.”

Speaking live on Channel Five, the Legend of the 1985 World Final Dennis Taylor, which raked in millions of viewers in its hey day, said, “if Stephen Hendry hadn’t been around then, Jimmy White would have won at least 2/3 World Championships.”

White said in the interview with Rob Walker that he still believed in his game and has been practicing hard and as long as he can still play, he will keep going.

1997 World Champion Ken Doherty, who lost to White in the semi-finals, that those legends of the hey days really made the sport what it is today. He said that the likes of Alex Higgins and Jimmy White were his idols growing up.

White joked that next time there was an event like this, “Don’t invite Stephen.”

They have played 62 times between them.

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