Hunter Claims Second Overseas Women’s Ranking Event in 2022…

Hunter Claims Second Overseas Women’s Ranking Event in 2022…

JAMIE HUNTER has added the Australian Women’s Open under her belt after having won the US Women’s Open in August.

The 25-year-old was the only English person in the field to have taken the round trip to Sydney to play in the event that had not been put on since before the pandemic.

Hunter played Australia’s top player in Jessica Woods, who was by far the strongest from the field of 12 Australian women who competed in the event, out of a total of 16 runners.

Woods, 29. improved on her 2019 performance in the Australian Women’s Open as in that edition she had reached the quarterfinals.

She also made the highest break of 120 and a 91 in the event in the group stages.

It has not been without controversy for Hunter who came out as transgender in 2019, and took a barrage of criticism after winning the US Women’s Open a couple of months ago, as top players such as Maria Catalano criticized the WWST claiming it wasn’t right for Hunter to be competing on the female tour.

Catalano, 40, who competed early this year as the first woman to play on the World Seniors Tour at The Crucible, told The Sportsman earlier this year.

She said: “On this point, I just feel I have to speak out, I don’t feel that women’s voices have been heard and it has been really playing on my mind. I was probably first aware of transgender players competing in the women’s game last year at the event in Leeds.

“I haven’t played much the last four years. I lost my father, and then the tour was suspended due to Covid. But before that I have put my heart and soul into it since I was 15.

She added: ““We have fought so hard for our rights in the past – myself, Reanne Evans and others got people to write letters to allow us to play in leagues and clubs that banned women.

“I don’t believe that women can compete against men on a level playing field in sport. We are wired differently, we think differently. We are mentally different.”

Of course, the Women’s tour is now an official pathway to the main tour, with the winner of the World Women’s Championships earning a spot on the main tour. Nutcharut Wongharuthai, the reigning World Women’s Champion has tasted a glimpse of the power of the main tour and its earnings as she scooped the World Mixed Doubles title but over a week ago with male partner Aussie Neil Robertson.

She’ll also be competing in the elite Champion of Champions tournament later this month.

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