How to stick on a cue tip in 7 simple steps…

Have you heard of these?

So, when I first started fitting a snooker cue tip, it was a wee bit fiddly having to use a craft knife to scrape off the excess tip from the sides.

It would always seem to go wrong.

It was frustrating.

However, after a few tries, and using a tip shaver rather than a knife, I soon got the hang of it.

Sticking on a cue tip is easy once you have the basics. Then, it’s just a question of making sure you get the tip to how you want it!

Sometimes, I like to have a slight overhang on my tips rather than try and make the tip exactly fit perfect on the ferrule. Having slight overhang makes NO DIFFERENCE to how the tip plays.

Some players like overhangs. Others don’t. It’s just a preference.

But, if this is the first time you’ve stuck on a cue tip. Here’s a simple guide to sticking one on.

How to stick on a cue tip quickly in 7 simple steps…

You’ll need these tools:

1)     When putting a new tip on a cue, make sure you buy a size or two bigger tip than you need. For example, if you’ve got a 9.5 mm ferrule on the cue, then get a 10mm or even 11mm tip.  If it’s 10mm, buy an 11mm or 12mm tip – if you can.

2)     Before putting a new tip on – scrape off the excess hard glue from the old tip on the top of the ferrule with a knife. Make sure it’s smooth. The tip will stick better.

3)     Before you place glue on the top of the ferrule, rub your new tip around on sandpaper to get it smooth, and, if you can score two indents with the knife. The tip will stick better.

4)     Place some masking tape around the side of the ferrule to prevent glue from seeping down into the sides of the ferrule.

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Watch as top snooker coach Barry Stark shows you how to put on a tip in this video…

Bison Super Glue Gel
Bison Super Glue Gel

5)     Gently place the tip on and make sure you’ve got it where you want it. Then, use a tip clamp to hold it in place while the glue sets.

6)     Grab a coffee and wait a few mins or so for it to set.

7)     Now you’re ready to shape your tip to how you like it. Always sand your tip down ways. You want it to have a nice rounded dome shape to it. I also use a cue tip trimmer. It’s like a pencil sharpener, but it trims off the excess tip from the sides easily without you having to use a Stanley knife to cut chunks out of it!

You’re then ready to play snooker!

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