Record your practice sessions and then copy and paste…

Record your practice sessions and then copy and paste…

Hey there,

So, for a while now, I’ve been wondering whether I’ve been set up on the shot right. 

It was something that was really bugging me. I bet it’s bugged you, right?

I thought, how do I know if I’m set up right on the shot? So, I looked around and found this.

Now, if I’m not sure if I’m lined up right, I can just whip this out anywhere every so often and check if I’m lined up right on the shot and not straying offline.

I don’t even need to be on a snooker table to check! Makes sense really, right? 

Peace of mind. 

No need for me to book a coach just to check that now is there?


Mirror Training Aid

The simple 2 in 1 Mirror Training Aid by Creator Ross Bailey

Aiming and cueing are the two fundamentals of potting balls in the game of snooker.

Without one or the other, you can’t or are unlikely to pot the ball.

Or, if you do, it will be more luck than judgment due to steering the cue onto the line. Let me ask you this:

Do you ever get down onto a shot – knowing it’s wrong, but feel compelled to play the shot because you don’t want to annoy your opponent, or, take too long on the shot. You do right? 

Normally, if you feel the line of aim is wrong, you should get up and do it again. But, in a match, when the pressure is on, you sometimes can’t control what your mind tells you or body does, can you?

Now with Bailey’s simple aid, all the way from Australia, you can check both if your aiming and cueing is right in just two mins – using it anywhere!

Just think, now you can see in practice if you’re on the line, and delivering that cue straight. 

And that’s all snooker is. Lining up right on the shot, and delivering the cue as straight as humanly possible!

Not got a snooker table? That’s fine. Just set the Mirror Training Aid up on your kitchen or dining room table, and then you’re ready to roll!

15 mins of this every day and you’ll be aiming and cueing like a pro!

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What is the Snooker Mirror Training Aid? 

It’s a mirror – easy to set up and supplied with a Pocket Trainer for the Cueing. Practice getting down onto the line of the shot – and then cueing using the mirror to find out whether you are sighting correctly and cueing on the line which is a piece of string neatly inserted into the middle of the mirror.

Watch a demo of this, here…

See your TRUE vision centre before your very eyes with the use of the Mirror Training Aid…

Based on your sighting – you will shift your body into the correct position – with the aid of the mirror and then you will see before your eyes if you are online or not.

Discover your best set up when using the Mirror Training Aid and memorize it so you do it every time from then on ALL shots…!

If you’re using this on the snooker table cue up in front of the cue ball so you can see where you’re positioned in relation to the cue ball.

Most of us have a master eye. That is to say, one eye is stronger than the other. Generally, if your left or right eye is stronger, you will see the position/angle with the master eye!

SnookerZone sees the angles on shots better from his right eye – so generally positions himself looking out of the right eye. You will, of course, do what is right sight wise for you and not what anyone else says you should do! It’s how your eyes see the shot.

A new feature for the Mirror Training Aid version 2…

The Mirror Training Aid has a new feature that allows you to record your practice sessions with the Mirror with a mobile phone clipped to the back so you can watch back the footage of your cueing sessions and memorize for future what was going on. 

The clip is easy to put on the Aid by screwing the clip into place, and you slip your phone onto the shelf of the back of the Mirror and the clip at the back will hold it in place. 

Click to watch the video now to see how easy it is to screw the clip-on…



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See before your very eyes if you are delivering the cue straight: Then, self-correct if need be.

The next part is as simple as the first. Get down on the line you’ve discovered based on your sighting and body position and cue up using the Pocket Trainer that’s provided. Cue through the Pocket Trainer and then use the mirror to discover if you’ve cued the cue straight down the line!

What you are doing is training your eyes and your muscle memory to discover straight aiming and straight cueing at the same time!

Practice, practice and practice this until your brain automatically knows what is the correct way to get down onto the line of each shot and discover straight cueing when down!

Get the DVD explanation videos, and the FREE pocket trainer with the Mirror Training Aid…

You get…

  • A pocket trainer
  • A DVD explaining the full process to using it, which is more than just looking in a mirror. The only slight criticism to make of the DVD is that there is no voice-over or text explaining the product – the film images are fairly self-explanatory though.

In SnookerZone’s opinion, the best tools are the simple ones like these and you can’t go wrong with a mirror in front of you showing you what you are doing. It’s insightful to know in a mirror whether you’re in line with the shot or not. Peace of mind.

Mirror Training Aid quotes: “It’s helped me gain more awareness of my stroke flaws and I’m working hard to fix them.”

Ray J, who wrote a short review on, where you can also get this, said this:

“I quickly tire of most training aids because they usually aren’t effective for diagnosing why I’m going wrong. Not this. I’m using it every day I get on a practice table. I’d use it at home but I live in too cramped a space.

It’s helping me with head/eye position and overall body position. It’s helped me gain more awareness of my stroke flaws and I’m working hard to fix them. I’m already significantly better shooting a stripe up and back. I’m hopeful of more gains. It’s opened my eyes to fixing the various stroke errors I have.

The video claims one can see one’s shoulder position, but I can’t see mine at all. I haven’t found a way to help directly with steering on cut shots. But maybe I’ll get a straight stroke habit formed that will help. I haven’t gotten far using the stroke-through gadget. I’m not very good at it and it’s very inconvenient that any stroke error knocks it over. Since I use a pendulum motion, I found perpendicular gripping is required to have any chance. Maybe I’ll next try very slow motion stroking and very short follow through. The benefits of just using the mirror are so good that I don’t mind these difficulties.”

From Amazon review

Another Ebay buyer said this:

“The Best training aid I’ve ever bought. Loaned to an instructor friend of mine and he won’t give it back! A very powerful tool for straightening out your basic stroke.

Also works for training yourself to raise up straight for jacking up to get draw on a cueball close to the rail. Just ordered a jump cue and I plan to use this to ensure I stay online when I move from the horizontal aim to the vertical stroking stance.”

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Mirror Training Aid: Pros and Cons

Although the Mirror Training Aid provides you with a Pocket Trainer, you don’t really need it in SnookerZone’s opinion.

Using the Mirror on its own (as pictured) is fine as you will see how straight you’re cueing from the line in the mirror (i.e, the piece of string tied to the middle).

However, if you want to use the or a Pocket Trainer, I’d advise using the Blade Cue Pocket Trainer! But, you can use any cueing aid you want! 

On the flip side, when SnookerZone used this on the snooker table over the weekend, he transferred from memory where he was positioned in the mirror and immediately got down into the same position on a normal pot without using the mirror and found it improved his potting instantly.

70% of the shot is done standing up…

Coaches will tell you that 70% of the shot is done on how you’re set up initially in the standing position and the mirror is a simple tool to use to find out where you’re positioned.

You can then practice cueing!

There are no bells and whistles with this tool. It’s simple. It’s effective and the product is easy to transport around in your knapsack!

With the Mirror Training Aid, you’ll learn two things:

  • How to line up a shot in snooker and be consistent every time by looking in the mirror…
  • How to cue straighter when down on the shot. This will lead to potting more balls and making higher breaks, which is something we as snooker players all want to do, right?

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What is the Mirror Training Aid?

It’s a mirror designed to help players work on their aiming and cueing at the same time by setting the mirror up on the table and the player discovering how he is sighting the shot. Once a player has discovered his sighting line, then it’s about remembering that setup and practicing it to be consistent! Consistency is the key in snooker!

How do you use the Mirror Training Aid?

Set up the mirror by clicking the legs that are unattached (they come with it separately) into place and you’re ready to roll!

Place the string in the connections in the middle of the mirror and then place it on the table. Then stand in front of the aid and then drop down to see where your natural eye line meets the middle.

If you are left or right-eyed dominant, the mirror will determine how far your cue is left or right of the chin. Once you’ve discovered that, it’s a case of remembering that setup and being consistent on every shot!

Who can use the Mirror Training Aid for snooker?

Anyone who wants to discover their natural sighting line and understand their positioning in relation to shots on the table. It will help you improve aiming consistency…

What do you get with the Mirror Training Aid?

You get…

  • One mirror with two legs to stand it upright
  • A pocket trainer to help you cue straight when looking at your sighting line
  • A DVD explaining the product and what it can do for you and how to use it…
  • Piece of mind that you’re online and cueing straight!

Where can you use the Mirror Training Aid ?

Anywhere where there is a flat surface and enough room for you to drop down on the shot and cue up. You don’t need a snooker table to use this aid!

How much does it cost?

In UK money, it’s under £30, That’s the equivalent of two large pizzas, drinks, and a side…

A real steal considering you could pay a real top coach £100/hour just to tell you where your sighting line is or if you’re cueing straight! …

Where can you get the Mirror Training Aid now? Get it on ebay…

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