How to Improve Snooker Potting: #1 Mistake Beginners Make

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If there’s one question that is asked frequently in snooker’s frequently asked questions online, it’s how to improve snooker potting!

When SnookerZone first started playing seriously well over three years ago, the obsession with potting was one of the things that prevented him from improving much faster. Don’t let the mindset of the obsession of desperately wanting to pot the ball, hold you back from improving.

Now, this obsession is the first thing you should erase totally from your mindset when starting out.

Instead, you should be focusing on these…

Potting is the end result of two things.

  • Good aiming
  • And straight cueing. 

When you learn and improve on these two things, you can actually improve at this part of the game very quickly!

Yes, it’s true, once you know how you’re set up on the shot and can deliver the cue in a relatively straight line 99% straight, you’ll soon become a potting machine.

Snooker is all about memory and consistent repetition. Doing the same thing consistently on every shot!

Watch the professionals as much as you can!

You’ll realize they are doing the same thing on every shot in a pre-shot routine that they’ve practiced on the practice table!

So as said before, forget about potting and making breaks, and focus on lining up on the shot right, and when down on the shot, delivering the cue in a straight line on the line of aim selected!

The breaks will then come naturally!

There are lots of great training aids out there for improving your aiming and cueing. Investing in one of these aids will help you improve much faster than just hoping to pot the ball.

Why Buy a Snooker Training Aid?

If you haven’t invested in at least one of the training aids reviewed in the SnookerZone Training Zone so far then why not?

The benefits are thus:

When buying an aiming training aid for snooker, you’ll learn:

  • How to set yourself up right on the shot!

Why is this important? Because 70% of the shot is done on the approach. If you line yourself up right on the shot, then you only have to worry about the other 30% which involves delivering the cue straight on the line of aim and keeping your mind focused on the pot. REMEMBER, MIND ON POT!

When buying a cueing training aid for snooker, such as the Blade Cue Pocket Trainer, you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver the cue straight on the line of aim!

Why is THIS is important? Because if you don’t deliver the cue straight you won’t pot the ball! However, if you do, it’s likely to be more luck than judgment down to steering the cue onto the line!

So, in summary, remember: Forget about potting, and start to focus practicing AIMING AND CUEING!

When you instill this into your mindset, you’ll see an instant improvement to your game!

Invest In Coaching!

Finally, as important as a training aid is, so is investing in the service of a good coach! A good coach will help you on the path to finding out what your ideal set up is on the shot, as well as going through the basics of grip, stance, cueing and follow through!

Check out some of the top coaches SnookerZone has interviewed in the Coaching Zone and invest in a great coach today! It will be the best investment you make on your road to improving better as a player!

Here’s to the coaches!

PS: SnookerZone will be interviewing more coaches in the future, so stay tuned!



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