How to get the most out of your home practice…

How to get the most out of your home practice…

SnookerGym coach Nic Barrow has created the first in a series of videos on home snooker training.

It’s designed to guide players through this very unusual and unprecedented time in 2020 with the COVID 19 outbreak.

Snooker clubs maybe closed for now, but Nic Barrow is still open for business as he helps people with home training for snooker…

Due to the dangers of COVID 19, the British public have been instructed by the British government to “stay in their homes” and only go out to shop infrequently for essential items such as food, or to take one daily exercise per day or to seek medical help if needed.

But, with ALL non-essential shops closed, and sports clubs, bars, pubs, theatres closed, there is still much you can do to utilize the time if your passion is snooker.

Here’s just some things you can do if you are not one of those lucky ones to be able to have a full-size table at home!:

  • Watch as many videos as you can on snooker matches and analyze…
  • Set up your own cueing space each day and practice your cueing. (It doesn’t have to be long sessions. Even do it for 15 mins in the morning, and afternoon.)
  • Purchase a training aid like the CAT or something else and practice your straight cueing.
  • And watch videos like Nic Barrow’s for advice on how to get the best out of your home training, whilst going through this difficult time.
The CAT can be a good home training device for snooker in these long weeks of lockdown…

Check the CAT out here

Watch the first in the series of Nic’s videos on home training, below, now…

SnookerZone would also say that this time can be really important as a way of reassessing everything. Not just snooker.

Think about your mental attitude and how you are coping with the COVID 19 outbreak. Are you treating it as a problem that you can overcome?

Meditation for half an hour is a very useful way to channel your energy into feeling more positive and refreshed about the current situation. Imagine you are faced with a difficult pot in snooker. How would you overcome fear?

Film your technique from all angles…

You can also do some filming of yourself from different angles by using an inexpensive camera tripod, an iPhone and a coaching app such as Coach’s Eye. Watch our video as we illustrate the type of angles you can film yourself from.


All that remains to be said is stay safe, stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives. 

See you on the other side…


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