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So, I’ve been looking around for a while for a training aid that helps me understand how my cue should get onto the right line of aim when getting down on the shot. 

It’s something I’ve just not been able to do consistently.

Sometimes, I put my feet down before the cue. Others, the cue goes down. And then other times, the cue and the feet go in sync. 

It just isn’t always consistent. You must get that, right? 

There’s so much conflicting advice out there I wanted to find something that I could actually practice with, so I understood how to do it consistently on every shot. 

And I found it. 

It’s easy to use. 

I can practice with it at home or away. 

And so can you.

But first…

Imagine you are an archer. One thing about archery is it’s about getting into position and taking aim and then pulling the trigger!

Snooker is the same.

The cue is the arrow, and your body is the bow! The body (or bow) helps to support the cue (arrow) so it gets delivered to its target (the round score) in snooker’s case, the pocket.

Point your cue on the line of aim first…

But first, there is something you should understand and learn.

Your cue gets onto the line of the shot – NOT your body/feet. Your body and feet should mold around the cue, NOT the other way around!

One dogma of snooker is that it is your feet that are the focal point of getting onto the line of the shot, when, actually, it’s your cue.

The body acts as a support framework for the cue. For example, the grip hand and the bridge hand helps hold the cue, and, your body supports the cue in delivery.

That’s it!

Next time you’re at a snooker table, put the cue out in front of you and find out how your body will wrap around the cue to suit your body framework!

Once you have discovered your ideal body support framework for the cue, then you can think about making it a natural part of your game. Forget about what your feet are doing for the moment.

3 Important parts to BEING on the RIGHT line of aim…

So, going back to the original question, how do I get onto the line of aim of the shot, there’s three vital things you need to know. they are:

  • Head/eyes must be inline with cue ball
  • Cue must be inline
  • Feet must be inline

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Practice getting on to the right line of aim with the Master Doctor Kit…

PJ Nolan and Davide Coltro in partnership with the Master Doctor Kit

Now, there is a useful training device that will show you exactly how to get your cue onto the line of aim and will help you understand the fundamental approach to a shot in snooker.

Every player and coach should have this in their bag.

It’s part of the Master Doctor Kit, and SnookerZone has had the pleasure of using it to focus on key parts of going over the basics. Sometimes, it’s good to check over basics, so that you can make sure you’re not doing KEY fundamentals wrong.

CAVEAT: Use this training aid, as all training aids, in addition to great coaching, NOT instead of!


Start to get your cue properly onto the line of aim with the Master Doctor Kit:: Check it out here now

One of our problems has always been approaching the line of aim with the cue and ensuring the cue goes onto the line of aim. This device solves that confusion! The beauty of the devices in the Master Doctor Kit is you don’t have to be on a snooker table to practice with them! You can have them at home and practice on kitchen tables, dining tables, anywhere as long as you have a flat surface! Simply assemble the parts in the kit labelled and then you’re ready to roll!

This device in the Master Doctor Kit teaches you one vital thing that SnookerZone has mentioned already:

The cue does the work, and the body is the support mechanism.

The device also helps you to understand where the position of your body will go in relation to the cue. Through memory and practice, you will learn to get your cue (and body) in the right position and in line!

What else is in the Master Doctor Kit?

As well as the line of aim training device in the MDK, you get:

  • Pocket trainers (even one for helping you to cue straighter when the cue ball is tight to the cushion.
    • A device that helps you ensure the cue is as parallel to the table as is needed and in the perfect address position…
    • Device to ensure your cue goes on to the line of aim…(as discussed)

One advantage of this kit is you don’t have to take the whole kit with you to the club. Simply take the device you want to practice with and leave the others for another time. We did exactly that. We chose to practice with the line of aim device. 

Check out the Master Doctor Kit now, here…

PS: We’re not an affiliate of this product so we don’t receive a commission if you decide to buy it. 

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