It’s a kind of magic: 2019 style…

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Part of being a snooker player is about taking pride in the equipment you’re using.

Look after your cue and it will serve you well.

That’s why you need to keep cleaning it and cherish what you have. We’ve said before on SnookerZone, that all cues, regardless of cost need to be maintained and treated with the utmost respect.

So, in this post, you’ll learn the three best ways to clean your cue that are:

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Hassle-free
  • And give your cue that silky smooth feeling…

But first, if you haven’t read the review on how to reduce your sweaty hands when cueing, go to the link below.

Read about how to reduce sweaty hands, here. 

Now to today’s post. Cue cleaning.

Firstly, there are two simple (and cheap but still effective) ways you can clean your cue.

They are:

  • Using wet wipes such as Dettol wipes which you can get from any supermarket.
  • a NEW product for 2019 called Magic cue cloths by Cue and Case.

Magic Cleaning from Cue and Case in 2019 – a Fast and Effective Way to Rid Your Cue of Grime and Dirt…

We were given a sample of the new Magic cue cloths to try out and they didn’t disappoint.

The beauty of these is they’re simple to use. Rub the rough side to rid your cue of all the grime and dirt and mess. The cloth will show up all that. Then, use the smooth side to buff the cue up and make it feel silky smooth when cueing.

In a hurry? Then take them with you and you’ll be able to give your cue a buff on the go at the snooker club!

[bctt tweet=”Rub the rough side to rid your cue of all the grime and dirt and mess. The cloth will show up all that. Then, use the smooth side to buff the cue up and make it feel silky smooth when cueing. Magic!” username=”@chrisgaynor2″]

Reusable: How to Reuse the Magic Cue Cloths…

Did we say they’re reusable as well?

What we did is soak in lukewarm water to get rid of the mess from the grime that was on the cue and left it to dry for a few hours and, in no time, it was like using a brand new cloth!


Ok, so, for those who have a bit of time on their hands to do a proper clean, then here’s the third and final way.

Introducing SIL KLEEN shaft cleaner…

Now, this also is a simple way to clean your cue, but you might want to take that bit extra care.

Sil Kleen is a product by Cue Silk, (the ones who did the Silky Hands product) and just a few drops on to a paper towel and a rub-down the cue and you’ll see the difference.

But the real magic (yes, there’s that word again) of this is not the Sil Kleen, but the conditioner product, which makes your cue feel silky smooth and shiny after.

Again, put two drops (or more) onto a paper towel and buff the cue for 30 seconds. You really will feel the difference after! A silky smooth run.

The Pros and Cons of Sil Kleen and Magic Cue Cloths…

So, what would SnookerZone recommend?

Well, if you’re looking for ease of cleaning and haven’t got the time to spend messing around with shaft cleaner, then the Magic cue cloths are the FAST and EFFECTIVE way of ridding your cue of all that grime, dirt, and chalk residue that gets into the wood. And they work on the go!

Carry them in your snooker ball case if you will!

But, if you are happy to spend the time cleaning, then the Sil Kleen is definitely recommended.

If we were to have a push and a shove in one direction, we’d opt for the Magic Cue Cloths though!

The choice is yours!

Shop for Sil Kleen or Magic Cue Cloths, Here Now!

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Sil Kleen













  • Easy to apply
  • Fast action
  • Easy to carry around


  • Can be expensive

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