How DO You Find Your Inner Champion Mindset in 2022?…

How DO You Find Your Inner Champion Mindset in 2022?…

New 2022 Review: The Champions Mind Mobile App…

THERE’S a CHAMPION inside EVERY one of us…

But how do we channel that inner champion mindset and UNLEASH it to the surface? 

The simple answer is to do more training mentally, and like physical training in a chosen field, if your mental game doesn’t turn up, then all the practice physically in the world will not UNLEASH your inner champion mindset (unless of course, you’re naturally a talented mentalist.

There’s no guarantees that you will necessarily win the first time, the second time, or the third time. Heck, it may even take the 100th time before you make that breakthrough, but with the right mental training and guidance, determination, and practice, you will eventually get there.

Cases in point in snooker. Some of the sport’s top athletes only just started recognising their CHAMPION MINDSET into their late 30s early 40s.

True champions accept their losses, learn and grow and move on and persevere.

That’s where the mental training app from Dr Jim Afremow comes in.

SnookerZone has already reviewed the book, but didn’t realise at the time there was an accompanying app.

SO we downloaded the app to see what it was all about and how it could help us in our own snooker (and in life), and indeed, how it may be able to help you.

The app contains 12 skill “modules” (which provide guidance on key sport psychology topics) as well as “challenges”, which are 28-day long exercises focused on specific topics like Confidence or Mindfulness. The app also includes dozens of high-quality visualizations, affirmations, breathing, mindfulness, and muscle relaxation exercises which can be accessed on demand.

One which is useful is the “MORNING ENERGIZER MEDITATION.


The first two modules of the app are FREE as you need to pay a monthly fee for the rest of the content, but, believe you me, even in the FREE modules there is a lot to go through! We’ve barely broken a sweat on exploring the app but we are enjoying the content immensely and already putting into action some of the tips in the modules.

So what’s in the Champions Mind Mobile App and how will help me, or indeed you?

Well, lots of content can be sourced on Youtube related to mental toughness training. But, the beauty of this app is you have a whole raft of content at your fingertips that you can use on the go wherever you are.

Indeed, if like SnookerZone, you have mobile and wireless headphones, you can take this app to the snooker club and listen to the audio lessons in between your snooker practice on the table or before a match!

There are the usual modules for mental training on…

====>Visualisation ( There are some useful exercises in the app that you can do at home, or anywhere where it’s quiet to get you mentally focused for a session of snooker either as a practice session or a match in a tournament.

====> Positive self-talk ( Keeping yourself motivated and focused before, during and after a game) Your mantra is important, if you haven’t got a mantra to keep you in the game, then you won’t be in the game!

====>Gratitude (True champions are thankful for their life. Their sport. Their opportunity they’ve been given to be able to do the thing they love doing. This mindset means you go into a match thankful and calm that you are happy to be there and present at that very time.  Playing sport at any level  is an opportunity that requires gratitude from the players. It doesn’t owe you anything. Turn up with a grateful attitude and be proud that you are there and SMILE.

SnookerZone has been using the app for about a week now.

We play a regular handicap tournament at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey as readers of this site may know, and last Saturday was our first experience of using some of the exercises in the app beforehand.

Do they work?

Well, it’s too early to tell, and it’s not so much do they work, it’s how well you can tap into them and use them before, during, and after a game. It’s like anything, a progressive exercise.

Write a journal and record your progress…

The beauty of this app from an initial inspection is you can pick the session modules you’d like most to work on and keep running over them again and again.

If, like SnookerZone, you are prone to more extreme nerves either before or during a game, then you will love the visualization exercises.

One exercise we did, in the park beforehand was to think about how we might enter the venue before the event began, in this case, the snooker club, (in our mind of course, and reaffirm our entry as a confident and self-assured player.) One of the weaknesses we’ve had in the past is turning up with self-doubt and asking ourselves, “do we belong here?”

Even though SnookerZone has reached the semi-finals, there are always niggles about whether you’re worthy of being in a tournament.

Should we even be in this tournament? It’s a very common fear to have. But, by listening to some of the audio visualizations and breathing exercises, you can re-align your thoughts and give yourself a mental boost before a game.

As it happens, in the tournament, we began nervily but settled in quickly and played some good solid snooker. Although we didn’t get the outcome in this particular instance, we learned a lot about our mental stamina and resilience. We were able to overcome nerves. We were able to even have a bit of fun out there in the pit, attempting trick shots and using some ACRONYMS from the app to assess our situation at the table.

One such ACRONYM is NBA. (No, not the basketball association, the NEXT BEST ACTION. When you’re at the table, and aren’t sure what shot to play, think about what the Next Best Action might be. There may well be a shot that you haven’t thought about by assessing all areas of the table. Don’t just look in front. Be bold in your shot selection and go for it!

The app is like a therapy session you can have in the comfort of your own home. Heck, even listen to the audios while you’re in the spa or hot tub. If you’ve got one!

Whilst we’ve ONLY had this app for a week – we already feel our confidence has been boosted by some of the exercises.

Don’t underestimate the power of tapping into your inner champion mindset.

One other thing that is useful is getting rid of negativity.


The narrator of this app says there are two wolves.

Your good wolf. And your bad wolf.

Your job is to consistently FEED YOUR GOOD WOLF. The bad wolf will always be there, but with this app you now have exercises that can realign yourself to FEEDING YOUR GOOD WOLF and moving on with your day/week.

For example, your bad wolf might say, “I want to stay in bed for the next hour.” FEEDING the good wolf will be telling you to get up, go for that jog or run and start your day energised.

PS: SnookerZone’s BOOK REVIEW of the Champions Mind can be read…










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