He socked it big…

He socked it big…

Stephen Maguire and Mark Allen met in the final at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

Both came through the earlier rounds of the Coral Tour Championship, full of beans.

7 years since he won a ranking event in 2013 at the Welsh Open…

Previously, 39-year-old Maguire had racked up six of the best.

As Mark Allen had passed his flying colours beating the Mark Selby test.

The final started tentative and nervy as they went in even stevens at four all.

it was Maguire who set out the evening stall.

He came out all guns blazing in the evening with a high break of 139.

The next frame he won took a bit more time.

His six tons record in a best of 17 was equalled by Shaun Murphy.

But ol’ Stevie didn’t care because he was sitting in one of the two final chairs.


in frame 11 Maguire was going well but fouled a red off a blue on 38

As Allen stole the frame with a 64, to the anger of Maguire’s rage.

The Glaswegian went into the mid-session two frames up 7 – 5.

Leaving Allen a bit to chew over in the snooker bubble player’s hive.

The aggressive determination in Stevie’s eyes were menacing, said Stephen Hendry.

‘He wants it’ does Stevie rubbing his hands with glee.

Stevie got in after the interval and made a cool 79.

Allen wondering if it just wasn’t his time.

Stevie was a replacement for Chinaman Junhui Ding

And getting all the way to the final he would earn some serious bling.

He only needed one more at 9 – 5.

Allen got in in the next to make a ton but was on for a 140 to beat the high break but missed to the pleasure of Stevie.

They both had a chuckle but pocketing an extra 10K for the high break isn’t a jokey.

Just under 50 mins and it was a sweaty 16th frame, and it came down to the colours.

Tension in the air.

Who would dare?

Both were snookering for England, trying to outwit the other.

As the finish line came near for Maguire, he needed pink and black to take 260K.

He ended up too close to the black but coolly potted it to make it his biggest payday.

Modest Stephen said after to Rob Walker he had flipped his way to the title.

Don’t be so modest Stephen, now performing in Sheffield is even more vital.

He’s looking forward to the cauldron at the Crucible.

For him, a win there is now very doable.

He said he needed a new pair of socks now he’s bagged some dough.

As he lifted the trophy above his head, with an almighty glow.

Congratulations Stephen Maguire, Coral Tour Championship winner 2020.






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