Guangzhou to host 14th Successful 2020 Billiard Expo…

Next year, China will host the 14th Billiard Expo with 600 booths showcasing the future innovations in snooker and pool.

It’s expected that 12,000 Chinese visitors and others Worldwide will turn up to view what’s going to be new on the market in 2020.

The 2019 edition of the event, held in May, was viewed as a resounding success as many of the brands who pitched their “tents” up vowed to return next year for the 2020 edition.

Some of the top snooker brands on show included the likes of renowned cue maker John Parris, whose cues are much regarded from the professionals of the professional snooker circuit. Others included Paul Roberts, the maker of Stamford cues. There were also the makers Taom and the successful Taom chalk.

Said the Billiard Sports Association of Thailand representative: “The GBE 2019 is, without doubt, the biggest Billiard Sports Fair in the world that gathers many world-leading billiard sports brands and products which generates global awareness and development of the Billiards industry on the yearly basis. As our first visit to the fair, we were very impressed
and would recommend cue makers as well as snooker fans in Thailand to participate and visit next year at GBE 2020.”

Some of the World’s top billiard players also put on exhibitions at the 2019 event including pool player “Magician Efren Reyes.

And, one of the long-standing exhibitors CPBA, a renowned maker of billiard clothes, teamed up with a founder of the multi-level leather cue tips company Moori, and Mr Moori, the founder was the special guest at the event pitch with CPBA.

The event will be hosted in May from 10th – 12th. 

For more details, visit the GBE exhibitions website here…

Chris Gaynor

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