Grand tips: The most responsive SnookerZone has played with so far!

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Elks, then look no further than Grand snooker cue tips – the name says it all!

These tips are leather cue tips and one of the most responsive and yet affordable cue tips on the market. There is a saying you get what you pay for, but…

Grand tips give you top quality response for a great value. Now, 5 tips cost you just a £5. A good excuse alone for giving them a try. If you love Elkmasters, then you’ll love these! Yes, these are very similar to Elks – but with one key difference…

  • They’re as cheap as but much more responsive!

SnookerZone got all three types – a soft, medium and hard, and opted for a hard one in 10mm.

Grand Tips: Pros and Cons

Sticking on a Grand tip was no problem and trimming wasn’t either. Some tips lose their shape – but these along with a couple of other tips SnookerZone has tried hold their shape really well. The only issue with Grand tips is they are very hard compared to other tips. Let me explain. We recently tried out an Elk professional cue tip hard, and that seemed much softer than the Grand tip hard. If you’re a player who goes with feel and likes a softer feel, then you may just prefer the Elk pro as it’s got a softer feel – but it’s purely preference…

Grand tips start off quite dark in colour but go light after trimming and sanding…

Grand Tips Offer Great Response

When it comes to response with Grand tips, it gets a thumbs up from SnookerZone. It’s probably the most responsive tip we’ve tried so far. In terms of responsive tips, we’d rate the top tips based on the responsiveness we’ve tried in this order so far…(Note this order doesn’t mean this is our list of favourite tips) although most are on here…

Grand tips do appear quite chalky at first, but look really great on as well. They hold chalk well and the Taom gold soft goes great with them.

Reaction from Players Who’ve Tried Grand Snooker Tips…

An amateur who plays in the Falkirk District Snooker League, Derek Savage, 44, wrote into SnookerZone to say this about them…Savage is also a member of the SnookerFans facebook page and contributor of the admin team.

“Over the past few years I have tried a few different tips . Around 7 months ago I put on a Grand medium tip and instantly loved it . Similar to a good Elk tip but holds its shape much better and really grips the cue ball . I decided a few weeks back to try a soft version of the Grand tips and now I honestly can’t see myself using any other tip . Fantastic control and feel with no mushrooming or flattening at all . I have since played 4 matches in our league as well as around 6 hours practice time and I still have not had to reshape or touch it at all . The other plus side is , that they are cheap , which all helps . Very pleased indeed .”

Now, there’s only one thing left to do! Try a Grand tip and see the responsiveness for yourself!

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For response, Grand tips gets a FIVE from SnookerZone

For maintenance, a FIVE!

For cost, def a FIVE!