Frede TV Debut Shows Promise in 900…

Frede TV Debut Shows Promise in 900…

GERMANY’S Felix Frede showed promise in his debut on TV in snooker’s fast and furious amateur snooker event the 900 on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old’s first outing in week five season two saw him go up against the talented Woking cueist Jasmine Bolsover and Frede proved a handful proving he had a steely long potting game as Jasmine broke off and he went for a long one and got it.

It was a valiant fight back from the 23-year-old at the end of the frame and but for a missed pink along the top rail would have again potentially cleared the balls to take her into the next round. It’s been three times unlucky for the World Women’s Tour star  no 15 in the 900.

Deegan: “I’m so chuffed.”


Jasmine’s World Women’s Snooker tour colleague Mary Talbot Deegan, who gave a shout out to Frames Academy in Coulsdon, where top pros have played and play such as Marco Fu and even the seven times World Champion Stephen Hendry has popped in for a knock there, was chuffed to get through against a nervy Simon Bubb who also showed some promise but Deegan managed to hold the nerves and come through to the semi-finals against Dodd.

Frede then saw off Andy Lavin and appeared in his first debut final in the 900.

Germany has a string of players behind the scenes but Lukas Kleckers is the standard bearer for German snooker as amateurs from the country try to follow in his footsteps and see how far they can go in the game.

Mary Talbot Deegan in the semi-final was ahead in her frame but in commentary Lee the Shirt Richardson said that but for playing the wrong safety shot, she could have appeared in the final of Tuesday.

Lee the Shirt Richardson said: “I think she should have put the blue safe.”

Les Dodd was the surprising winner of the final against the debutant Frede, as his wealth of experience shone through in Tuesday’s edition.

Well done to all who competed in Reading as we go into the final day of week five of the 900.


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