Four More Undergraduates Graduate from QSchool 2019

Scotland’s Fraser Patrick rejoins the professional tour! (photo courtesy of Fraser Patrick…

Four more undergraduates have graduated from the 2019 Qschool event – in event two.

China’s Chen Zifan, England’s Riley Parsons and Louis Heathcote and Scotland’s Fraser Patrick earn the coveted spots on the 2019/20/2020/21 World Snooker tour and take up their professional status.

For Chen Zifan and Fraser Patrick, it was rekindling their spots from being ex-pros and for the other two, Parsons and Heathcote it means they will be joining the professional ranks for the first time in their careers.

Parsons is only 19. Heathcote is 21…

For Chen Zifan, he rejoins the tour after being a highest ranking of 81 and his best finish in a ranking event was the last 32 of the 2017 English Open and European Masters.

Fraser Patrick (see our interview with him here) is 33 and has seen the professional ranks and how it works several times so is no slouch to playing the top flight and top players. He’s reached the Last 32 four times as a best ranking finish.

Heathcote was English under-19 Champion in Gloucester last year and now earns his spot on the tour.

QSchool now goes onto Event 3 where there will be four more spots up for grabs – and then four from the Order of Merit will also turn pro.

These four joined the first bunch of graduates David Lilley and co to earn their WST spots!

The hard work has only just begun!

Congratulations to all who’ve competed and competing in the event…


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