Forget to do this, and your snooker game will go backwards…

Forget to do this, and your snooker game will go backwards…

Don’t underestimate how important this one VITAL part of an overall good solid snooker technique is.

Do that, and your game will suffer…

SnookerZone met up with top WPBSA coach Brian Cox on Tuesday at the Woking Snooker Centre after 16 months due to the pandemic and other things and it was clear from the outset that our game had stalled somewhat, with some bad habits creeping in.

The main thing from the videos below was ensuring our head was kept completely still as humanly possible while delivering the cue, as we had been tracking the result of the pot and position on delivery with the head bobbing up, thus missing some straightforward shots.
This is such a vital part of any snooker player’s technique if they want to improve.
Forget the basics like this, and you’ll go backwards!

All that should be moving when you play the shot is your arm to deliver the cue!

Keep that body and head as still as humanely possible!

Also, the grip had crept too close to the chest so was jammed in at the back end so ended up pecking on follow through.

Always stand behind the shot to analyze position…

Another key factor let slip was to work out my position for the next shot while behind the line of aim so you can view it and visualize what to do rather than just walking past the shot and basically guessing the position of top/stun and screw and where to land, etc.

One-to-one coaching is VITAL…

Coaching one-to-one is vital to give you…
  • confidence or build it back
  • erase bad habits and put them right
Obviously, Brian had mentioned these tips in past lessons, but it’s easily forgotten after time out even though Brian has kept in touch in between sessions and proves you can’t beat a real-life one-to-one session 👊🏻.
SnookerZone will work hard on the above with the correct routines.

Moral of the story…..

Don’t get complacent with your game and forget the tips that got you there, then you can build on them!
As usual, a great coach like Brian came to the rescue to build confidence again and get our approach/technique and mindset back on track again!
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