Fergal O’Brien Joins RILSA to help promote female cue sports in 2022…

The 50-year-old, known as “Fearless Fergal,” on the World Snooker Tour and has been a pro 30 years + is willing to give some of his time and experience to grow female cue sports in Ireland. 

In a statement by Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association, they said:

“We are delighted to have Fergal on board, his vast knowledge of the sport and experience he has on the Professional Tour over 30 years will be a fantastic asset in helping our members advance their standard of play going forward with our plans to further develop, promote and foster female cue sports here in Ireland.

Part of O’Brien’s role will be conducting snooker workshops on technique and other aspects of the game, and with his 30 years + of experience, he has a lot of stories to recount.

They added; “On behalf of the Board of RILSA, I want to thank Fergal for all his help and support and we look forward to seeing Fergal during the season ahead.

We wish Fergal every good wishes on the Professional Tour over the coming years and we also thank his wife Jean who is very supportive of this initiative.  Jean herself played snooker in the 1980’s and 1990’s, a player who was very competitive and was top of the crop of great female players of that time.

O’Brien recently bounced back from being relegated from the WST but bounced back through the tough 2022 QSchool process as one of 12 qualifiers who made a return to the tour in the last week or so when it was played at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

Only Jenson Kendrick, 20, was a new player to have managed to have been awarded a tour card with the others all having played as professionals in the past.

James Cahill famously qualified for The Crucible a few years ago as an amateur – despite not being described as that at the time by some

The others were:

 Rod Lawler Hong Kong Andy Lee Republic of Ireland Fergal O’Brien China Bai Langning
27 May 2022 [38] Event 2 England Adam Duffy Republic of Ireland Aaron Hill England Zak Surety England Sanderson Lam
2 June 2022


[39] Event 3 England James Cahill England John Astley England Jenson Kendrick Germany Lukas Kleckers
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