Favourites Qualify for Pairs Cup Finals Night…

Favourites Qualify for Pairs Cup Finals Night…

IT WAS another eagerly anticipated week in the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup as fans learned early on during Monday that Mark Selby and Gareth Potts had withdrawn from the event in week 19 – due to personal reasons.

But it didn’t stop the tongues wagging about who would replace the pair and indeed who would go through since Selby and Potts were one of the favourites to potentially go all the way in the tournament.

However, in their place, was the pair who had actually appeared in the same group phase and they were Andy Cragg and Zac Shepherd.


Mark Selby has spoken out about his issues and he withdrew from the Pairs Cup…

Mark Selby posted an emotional and frank but brave, open tweet:

“I can honestly say all the matches I have won as a professional, the biggest match I have overcome was yesterday speaking out and finally admitting I need help. Bottling it up for years, is not the way forward. Finally, feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

SnookerZone wishes Selby well in recovery.

In the pool…

But, it was the other favourite pairing of Shaun Chipperfield and Karl Sutton who did the most damage on Monday night as they breezed through their matches to qualify for the final night on January 31st in a couple of weeks’ time.

They opened up their account with a 4 – 1 win of Brian Halcrow and John Sullivan, (nicknamed the Soulman). We like that nickname!

There wasn’t quite the drama of the last few weeks as the pairing made light work of the night, but the bigger news was obviously off the table with the announcement from Potts that he and Selby wouldn’t be playing in the event.


With just one more week to go of the last 16 pairings, who will be the final pair in week 20 to go into final’s night on week 21?

The matches are 20 mins with a run-down shot clock of 15 seconds when the match gets past 5 mins.

You can catch week 20 next week on Monday night at 6:30 on Freeesports on Freeview Channel 64 or on the Ultimate Pool website.

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